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360Rize Hero4 Timecode Systems SyncBac PRO6L Rig


Part # 360TCSSBPRO6LH4


New to our 360 Plug-n-Play™ product line, the SyncBac™ Pro6L enables 6 GoPro™ Hero4 series Cameras to be supported by Timecode Systems SyncBac PRO. More
MSRP: $395

New to our 360 Plug-n-Play™ product line, the SyncBac™ Pro6L enables 6 GoPro™ Hero4 series Cameras to be supported by Timecode Systems SyncBac PRO. The positive advancement in this technology includes frame-accurate timecode, producing a timecode MP4 file at source, and considerably streamlining post production workflow. Along with this, when docked with SyncBac™ PRO, battery life of the GoPro™ Hero4 series camera is significantly extended. The newest holder accommodates the Timecode Systems SyncBac™ PRO with the GoPro™ Hero4 series cameras securely in our new holder assembly, to enable stable content capture wirelessly. Sync multiple GoPro™ Hero4 series Cameras and remotely control and monitor all GoPro™ cameras. SyncBac™ PRO for GoPro™ Hero4. The Pro6L v2 is specifically designed for drone, vehicle and helmet mounting to create semi-spherical 360° video. It is ideal for situations where mounting a 360° rig close to an object or surface is necessary. The Pro6L v2 360 Plug-n-Play™ Holder positions five GoPro cameras in a portrait orientation facing outward along the horizon and a single GoPro on top, leaving the bottom open. The geometry of the rig produces semi-spherical, dome-shaped coverage, with a 60° blind spot, or nadir, at the bottom (or top, if you’re rigging upside down). The 5 cameras on the horizon are intentionally angled downward to increase frame overlap and reduce the size of the nadir. This configuration enables filmmakers to mount the system flush to a surface (vehicle hood, bottom of a drone, etc.) without creating parallax issues. For drone filmmakers it presents itself as a perfectly balanced and centered load. The design features hinged camera arms for simple camera installation and durability, an anodized aluminum core for improved strength and a 3/8” mounting point. The Pro6L v2 can also be utilized for 360 video live streaming. The open configuration on the bottom is ideal for allowing HDMI and Mini USB cable access to accommodate external power sources and video output for each camera


  • Easy clip-in assembly into SyncBac™ holder. Automatic Timecode Sync with GoPro™ Hero4 series cameras · 
  • Multi camera control option when using :pulse to connect to BLINK Hub Dashboard · 
  • Monitor and control cameras from smartphone, tablet, or computer and streamline production workflow · 
  • Mount cameras in a patented 360 Plug-n-Play™ orientation to facilitate capturing 360 x 180 degree videos and photos*
  • Hinged camera arms allow for simple camera installation and removal on set · 
  • Compatible with GoPro™ Hero4 series cameras · 
  • Holder features 3/8" threaded mounting point 
  • Full access to HDMI and USB ports for optional external power and live streaming solutions · 
  • High-strength poly carbonate camera holder assemblies offer strength and durability · 
  • All-purpose model for indoor and outdoor filming. 
  • Semi-Spherical View (360x120) Great for all around uses and UAV's Compatibility:

GoPro™ Hero4

Weight without cameras: 7.3 oz 213 g .213kg
Weight with cameras: * 1lb 15.5 oz. * 895 g * .893 kg
Box Dimensions: 10”x8”x6”

Package Contents:
QTY. 1 GoPro™ Hero4 SyncBac™ Pro6- 360 Plug-n-Play™ Assembly
QTY. 1- 360Rize Anodized Mount
QTY. 1- Audio Sync Clicker
QTY. 1- 360Rize screwdriver/ camera removal tool
QTY. 1- Velvet Bag
QTY. 1- 360Rize Pen
QTY. 12 Quick Release Ribbon (3" x 3/8)

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