PCIe Gen 3 Kit (Card and Cable) for Artist | DNxIQ



MFR Part # 9900-71271-00

PCIe Gen 3 card and cable kit More
MSRP: $325

The Avid Artist | DNxIQ uses a PCIe Gen 3 card and cable kit manufactured by Blackmagic Design.
Note that the Gen3 cable for the DNxIQ is 2 meters in length.

* The PCIe Gen 2 cards (and cables) that were sold for Artist | DNxIO, Nitris DX or Mojo DX will not work with the Artist | DNxIQ.

Avid sales are restricted to the United States only. We will not be able to complete your transaction if you are not in the US. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

1. PCIe is the interface to be used to connect DNxIQ when used with a Windows workstation or Mac Pro Westmere tower

2. The target I/O slot for DnxIQ is not the same as Nitris-DX and Mojo-DX hardware.

3. The target I/O slot for DNxIQ is Gen3. Gen3 will support the higher performing features of DNxIO.

4. Exception - The target I/O slot for DNxIQ and Nitris-DX / Mojo-DX will be the same in CPU’s that do not offer Gen3 technology I/O slots.

5. More recent windows workstations such as the HP Z840, Z640 etc, and equivalent models by DELL and Lenovo offer a Thunderbolt HBA option. With Nitris-DX / Mojo-DX , simultaneous installation of both an Avid DX HIB HBA and a Thunderbolt HBA was not possible because the two HBA’s required the identical slot location. With DNxIQ this limitation no longer exists. A user can now connect DNxIQ via PCIe in one slot and accommodate a Thunderbolt HBA in another slot for Thunderbolt storage. This insures optimal performance because the DNxIQ PCIe interface and the Thunderbolt HBA reside on separate I/O buses. Daisy chaining Thunderbolt devices on the same Thunderbolt bus can degrade performance due to “bus-sharing” and should be avoided whenever possible.

6. Although DNxIQ and Nitris / Mojo use different I/O slots , a user cannot simultaneously connect DNxIQ and Nitris-DX or Mojo-DX in the same system. This will not work and is not supported.

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