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Atomos commences trading on the ASX after completion of $6m IPO


– Delivering ground-breaking video production devices for the rapidly growing content creation markets
– Atomos’ technology unlocks the potential of digital cameras, enabling higher quality video and greater creative flexibility at a lower cost
– Founded in 2010 and has since established operations in seven countries
– Key strategic relationships with Apple, Adobe, Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Nikon & JVC Kenwood
– Current core range of seven products, planned to double in next 12-24 months
– Large growth opportunity seen in expanding content creation across the Social, Pro Video and Entertainment markets
– Highly regarded board of directors with broad, global experience
– FY18 revenue $35.6m, FY19 pro forma forecast revenue of $42.2m
– Truly global business with 49% of sales to USA, 30% to EMEA and 21% to Asia
– IPO heavily cornerstoned by institutional investors – almost all previously issued shares escrowed for 6 – 24 months


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By Jeanice Cabale, December 28, 2018