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NewTek Whitepaper: Mobeon Uses NDI to Mix VR, AR to Create Exciting Brand Experiences

Media production company, Mobeon, uses NewTek TriCaster Mini’s and TC1’s to create memorable live corporate events, branding experiences and more. They get creative with new immersive content like virtual reality and 360-video.  Here’s their story in detail from NewTek.

From NewTek

Picture a lone presenter at the front of a function room, on stage in an auditorium, or in a corporate webcast.

The speaker stands behind a podium and clicks through a slide show. The presentation appears in a giant screen over the speaker’s shoulder. Each click adds a new line of bulleted text, a pixelated transition, a stock photo, or a dense bar graph showing quarterly results.

And with every click, the audience’s attention becomes more magnetically drawn – to their smartphones.

It’s not hard for most people to imagine this scenario, since it’s something employees, sales people, students, conference attendees and customers have sat through since May 22, 1990 when Microsoft made its first acquisition of a digital presentation program designed to replace overhead transparencies.

This is the phenomenon known as Death by PowerPoint. Mark Alamares sees it as a threat to brand engagement – one that he’s seeking to root out and eliminate from companies around the world. He’s like an ethical hacker for corporate live production.

And he views NewTek TriCaster® as the engine to drive his cause….

….“We use the full TriCaster line for our all our clients, from the [small form-factor, 4-input] TriCaster Mini all the way to a [4K/UHD 16-input] TriCaster TC1. It’s important that we take advantage of the full line to accommodate whatever the particular type of stream or message that customers want to get across,” says Alamares.

And he says that’s the true advantage of the solution: “Some brands want custom experiences, so that’s something that we create for them to achieve their objectives. We can choose the right TriCaster system according to the scale and the level of sophistication that’s needed for any production.”

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By Jim, May 15, 2018