STORM Mobile with PCIe interface card
STORM Mobile with Express34 interface card

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MFR Part # STORM Mobile-BOB

Multi I/O Processor for EDIUS - Breakout Box (BOB) version 608762 More
MSRP: $699

Capture anything, edit anywhere.

STORM Mobile and EDIUS give you the freedom to edit wherever your work takes you — in the studio or on location.

STORM Mobile from Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, strengthens the EDIUS NLE’s real-time field editing capability by providing a variety of inputs and outputs using either PCIe 1X card for desktops or an ExpressCard/34 card for laptops, with several configurations to choose from.

STORM Mobile’s comprehensive video editing interface breakout box is equipped with an HDMI I/O (for video formats up to 1080i), analog component, analog composite, S-Video and unbalanced audio for the ultimate in connectivity.

While the STORM Mobile desktop PCIe 1X card supplies power to the STORM Mobile breakout box, an AC adapter is supplied for laptop ExpressCard/34 card operation. 

The STORM Mobile chassis is available in two versions: an internal PC 5-inch drive bay type and an external breakout box type. The breakout box can be easily be converted into a 5-inch bay type by the user.

STORM Mobile also offers several additional hardware benefits. The integrated hardware downconversion function is handy when you are editing HD but want to make sure your picture is good in SD, for example, creating DVDs. Downconversion is hardware-based, so the process doesn’t use any CPU power, and does not affect editing performance. 

Super High-Quality Capture from Camera Through Output

By using the HDMI output of your camcorder, you can capture video with STORM Mobile at higher quality (HQ mode: 4:2:2, I-Frame, 150 Mb/s) than with outputting AVCHD (4:2:0, Long GOP, 18 Mb/s). This is very useful when creating footage for keying work. MXF capture with MPEG-2 (XDCAM compatible) or AVC-Intra (P2 compatible) is also available.

Real-Time Display Streamlines Workflows

STORM Mobile’s enhanced real-time monitoring capability gives you separate composite outputs which always show an SD picture regardless of the resolution used for editing. STORM Mobile always outputs a true, native resolution picture without any frame skipping or degradation.

Make the Most of Old VHS, Video8 and Hi8 Assets

STORM Mobile leverages the three-dimensional Y/C separation used in the ADVC-300 converter, which means you can capture old analog formats at the best possible picture quality. 

Audio Monitoring

STORM Mobile has a separate headphone output with a digital amplifier which is always available while editing, providing you with the best monitoring experience available.

Key Features

  • HDMI input/output for connectivity with HDMI devices and real-time monitoring for EDIUS NLE software (purchased separately)
  • Component, S-Video and composite analog video I/O
  • 8-channel embedded audio through HDMI
  • Unbalanced stereo analog audio I/O
  • Hardware downconversion to monitor HD project in an SD monitor at the same time
  • PCIe 1X card for desktop PC connection with power supply function
  • ExpressCard/34 card for laptop PC connection
  • 5V DC operation
  • Windows 8/8.1 (64-bit), Windows 7 (64-bit)

Note: For Windows 8/8.1 EDIUS v7.21b1530 or later is required.

Supported Capture Formats

Format HDMI Component S-Video/Composite
1920x1080 59.94i x x  
1440x1080 59.94i x x  
1280x720 59.94p x x  
720x480 59.94p 4:3 x*1    
720x480 59.94p 16:9 x*1    
720x486 59.94i 4:3   x x
720x486 59.94i 16:9   x x
720x480 59.94i 4:3 x x x
720x480 59.94i 16:9 x x x
1920x1080 50i x x  
1440x1080 50i x x  
1280x720 50p x x  
720x576 50p 4:3 x*1    
720x576 50p 16:9 x*1    
720x576 50i 4:3 x x x
720x576 50i 16:9 x x x

Note: STORM Mobile will NOT capture analog video protected by Macrovison or CGMS-A.
*1 SD progressive video is captured as interlaced video.

STORM Mobile I/O

Video in
HD/SD component 1
S-Video 1 (common connector w/component)
Composite 1
Video out
HD/SD component 1
S-Video 1 (common connector w/component)
Composite 1
Audio in
HDMI embedded 8 channels
Unbalance audio (RCA pin) 2 channels
Audio out
HDMI embedded 8 channels
Unbalance audio (RCA pin) 2 channels
Headphone 1 (stereo mini jack)

Bus Interface
PCI Express Rev. 1.1 x1 lane or ExpressCard/34 card

Dimensions (WxHxD)
External model: 165 mm x 42 mm x 142 mm (6.5 in. x 1.7 in. x 5.6 in.)
Bay model: 148 mm x 42 mm x 142 mm (5.8 in. x 1.7 in. x 5.6 in.)

External model: 1,200g (42.3 oz.)
Bay model: 800g (28.2 oz.)

Minimum System Requirements (STORM Mobile Hardware)
Bus Interface
STORM Mobile Bay Unit or STORM Mobile Breakout Box with PCIe Card:

  • One free PCI Express x1 bus slot

STORM Mobile Breakout Box with ExpressCard/34 Card:

  • One free ExpressCard/34 card slot

Operating System
STORM Mobile Standalone:

  • Windows 8/8.1 (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Windows Vista (SP2 or later, 32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Windows XP (SP3 or later, 32-bit)

STORM Mobile with EDIUS Pro 7 Software:

  • Windows 7/8/8.1 (64-bit)

Minimum System Requirements (EDIUS Software)
Any Intel Core 2 or Core iX CPU. Intel or AMD single core CPU with a 3 GHz processor speed or faster (multiple CPUs and/or multicore CPUs are recommended). SSSE3 (Supplementary SSE3) instruction set support required.

1 GB RAM (4 GB or more recommended)

Hard Disk

  • 6 GB of hard disk space is required for installation (including third-party software)
  • Drive with ATA100/7,200 RPM or faster is necessary for video storage:
    • Available HDD disc space should be twice the size of the file to be edited
    • RAID-0 is recommended for HD resolution editing

Graphics Card
A graphics card supporting higher resolution than 1024x768 (32-bit), Direct3D 9.0c or later, and PixelShader Model 3.0 or later is required

  • For 10-bit SD editing: 1 GB or larger recommended
  • For HD editing: 2 GB or larger recommended

Sound Card
A sound card with WDM driver support is required


  • Required for software installation
  • Blu-ray Disc writer, DVD-R/RW or DVD+R/RW drive is required when creating Blu-ray Discs or DVDs

Internet Connection
Required for software license activation

Operating System

  • Windows 7/8/8.1 (64-bit)

Note: External video decks/cameras may require either a free FireWire (IEEE 1394) port or USB 2.0 port for connectivity.
Note: For Windows 8/8.1 EDIUS v7.21b1530 or later is required.

Supported Output Formats

Format HDMI Out Component Out S-Video/Composite Out
1920x1080 59.94i 1920x1080/59.94i 1920x1080/59.94i or 720x486/59.94i*2 720x486/59.94i*2
1920x1080 29.97p over 59.94i
1440x1080 59.94i
1440x1080 29.97p over 59.94i
1280x1080 59.94i
1280x1080 29.97p over 59.94i
1280x720 59.94p 1280x720/59.94p 1280x720/59.94p or 720x486/59.94i*2 720x486/59.94i*2
1280x720 29.97p over 59.94p
960x720 59.94p
960x720 29.97p over 59.94p
1920x1080 29.97p 1920x1080/29.97p 1920x1080/29.97p Disabled
1440x1080 29.97p
1280x1080 29.97p
720x486 59.94i 4:3 720x480/59.94i ’ 720x480/59.94p*1 720x486/59.94i 720x486/59.94i
720x486 59.94i 16:9
720x486 29.97p over 59.94i 4:3
720x486 29.97p over 59.94i 16:9
720x480 59.94i 4:3 (DVD)
720x480 59.94i 16:9 (DVD)
720x480 59.94i 4:3
720x480 59.94i 16:9
720x480 29.97p over 59.94i 4:3
720x480 29.97p over 59.94i 16:9
1920x1080 50i 1920x1080/50i 1920x1080/50i or 720x576/50i*2 720x576/50i*2
1920x1080 25p over 50i
1440x1080 50i
1440x1080 25p over 50i
1280x720 50p 1280x720/50p 1280x720/50p or 720x576/50*2 720x576/50i*2
1280x720 25p over 50p
960x720 50p
960x720 25p over 50p
1920x1080 25p 1920x1080/25p 1920x1080/25p Disabled
1440x1080 25p
720x576 50i 4:3 (D1, DVD) 720x576/50i ’ 720x576/50p*1 720x576/50i 720x576/50i
720x576 50i 16:9 (D1, DVD)
720x576 50i 4:3 (DV)
720x576 50i 16:9 (DV)
720x576 25p over 50i 4:3
720x576 25p over 50i 16:9
1920x1080 23.98p over 59.94i 1920x1080/59.94i 1920x1080/59.94i or 720x486/59.94i*2 720x486/59.94*2
1440x1080 23.98p over 59.94i
1280x1080 23.98p over 59.94i
1280x1080 23.98p over 59.94p 1280x720/59.94p 1280x720/59.94p or 720x486/59.94i*2 720x486/59.94i*2
960x1080 23.98p over 59.94p
1920x1080 23.98p 1920x1080/23.98p 1920x1080/23.98p Disabled
1440x1080 23.98p
1280x1080 23.98p
720x486 23.98p over 59.94i 4:3 720x480/59.94i ’ 720x480/59.94p*1 720x486/59.94i 720x486/59.94i
720x486 23.98p over 59.94i 16:9
720x480 23.98p over 59.94i 4:3
720x480 23.98p over 59.94i 16:9

*1 If the attached HDMI monitor cannot receive an interlaced signal, STORM Mobile automatically converts that interlaced signal to progressive.
*2 Downconverted.

STORM Mobile External Breakout Box:

  • External unit 
  • PCI Express card or ExpressCard/34 card (sold separately)
  • Connector cable (supplied with above)
  • STORM Mobile Setup Guide

Note: A PCI Express card is required for installation in a desktop PC; the ExpressCard/34 is for installation on a compatible notebook PC.

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