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Part # HAU1653

MFR Part # 1653

Cordcutter TV is a dual tuner over-the-air HDTV receiver for the cord cutters. More
MSRP: $139.99

Cordcutter TV is a dual tuner over-the-air HDTV receiver for the cord cutters. Receive and stream HDTV over the home network to devices including iphones, ipads, Android phones and tablets plus media players such as Roku.

Cordcutter TV has two built-in TV receivers to allow for watching Live TV on two devices from two different TV channels at the same time.

Cordcutter TV connects to your home router via wifi or wired Ethernet.

Just add an antenna and watch free HD TV!
Cordcutter TV is a network TV tuner for over-the-air ATSC HD digital TV and clear QAM digital cable TV*. Cordcutter TV streams live TV over your home Wi-Fi to iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets plus media players like the Roku. Cordcutter TV has two built-in TV receivers, so you can watch live TV on two devices from two TV channels at the same time. It has a built-in ‘transcoder’ to convert HD TV to a form which can be streamed to your phone or tablet over Wi-Fi without overloading your Wi-Fi network. Without the ‘transcoder’, two channels of HD TV would not be able to stream over Wi-Fi. Cordcutter TV has a connector to an antenna or cable TV*. Choose the best TV antenna for your house: Cordcutter TV can be used with any HD TV antenna on the market today!Cordcutter TV connects to your home router via Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet.

Cordcutter TV features:
Dual ATSC and clear receivers in one small box. Stream two TV channels to two devices at once Stream live HD TV to smartphones, tablets and media playing devices like Roku. Cordcutter TV streams wirelessly over W-Fi Two built-in hardware transcoders are included for the best optimization of your Wi-Fi network. Download our ‘myTV’ app from the Apple or Google app stores.myTV allows you to watch and pause live HD TV on your phone or tablet over your home Wi-Fi network. Easy Wi-Fi setup with our myTV iPad/iPhone or Android app

System Requirements

  • TV antenna for ATSC over-the-air HD TV. Or cable TV with clear QAM*
  • Home router with Ethernet or 802.11n or 802.11ac WiFi


  • For initial setup of Cordcutter TV, an iOS or Android device is required
  • For ATSC reception, an antenna suitable for TV reception must be used
  • Home network must have at least one router to connect to PC-based playback requires compatible
  • Windows XP/7/Vista/8.1/10 or Mac OSX 10 or later PC
  • Clear QAM is digital cable TV and is not available on all cable TV networks. Please check with your cable operator for the availability of clear QAM. Encryptedchannels are not supported
  • Performance may be limited by network bandwidth
  • Streaming over Wi-Fi requires 802.11n or faster

Cordcutter TV works with

Apple devices: iPad or iPhone with iOS 7.1 or later Apple TV

Android: Android tablet or smartphone with a 1 GHz or faster dual-core ARM CPU and Android 4.0.3 (“Ice CreamSandwich”) or later, plus a processor with NEON support (e.g. Tegra3)

Amazon: Kindle Fire (2nd generation), KindleFireHD, Kindle Fire HDX

Samsung Galaxy: Note,Note II, Note 3, SII,SIII,S4, S5, S IIImini, S4 mini, Tab2,Tab38.0 Google: Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 5,Nexus 7, Nexus 10

Fairphone HTC: OneS,One X

Included in this package

  • Cordcutter TV: Dual tuner ATSC receiver. Hardware
  • Transcoding for two HD TV channels. Wi-Fi or Ethernet network support
  • Ethernet cable
  • Power supply
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Product dimension and weight

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