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VideoGuys Part # (SKU): AJAIOHD
JA's award-winning Io HD is an effortless to use, transportable plug-in solution for working with HD and SD in Apple Final Cut Studio.
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10-bit HD over FireWire
AJA's award-winning Io HD is an effortless to use, transportable plug-in solution for working with HD and SD in Apple Final Cut Studio. With a single FireWire 800 connection, Io HD can easily be connected to a Mac Pro desktop computer or a MacBook Pro laptop.

Io HD offers unparalleled video and audio connectivity. Within its portable and rugged form factor, Io HD offers SD/HD analog I/O, SD/HD digital I/O including HD-SDI and HDMI, Balanced analog and digital AES audio, as well as RS-422, Genlock, and even LTC timecode connections. Io HD includes AJA's realtime hardware-based 10-bit up/down/cross conversions.

Io HD Flexibility with KONA-Level Power
Io HD is a versatile powerhouse, bringing features pioneered on AJA's industry-leading KONA lineup - such as 10-bit hardware-based up-conversion, crossconversion, and downconversion - to the Io product line. Just tap into its flexibility, and you can configure a Mac as a professional HD or SD editing suite or a high-powered field-editing system.

Furthering flexibility, both analog and digital ports allow connection to virtually every kind of audio/video peripheral - from current HD digital VTRs and cameras to analog legacy devices.

Io HD Software
Io HD runs on an AJA-built driver and features Core Audio support as well as integrated support for a number of software applications. In addition to Final Cut Studio applications like Final Cut Pro and Motion, the Io HD software also provides video output from applications such as Adobe After Effects. The main application installed by the AJA software is the AJA Control Panel, an application used to select the input audio/video source, configure up-, down-, cross-conversions and much more. Additional useful software included with the Io HD: the AJA Data Rate Calculator, useful for calculating storage and bandwidth requirements, the AJA System Test, useful for benchmarking storage such as disk arrays, and the AJA TV application, a simple to use QuickTime viewing application with video output. Io HD is a full-featured device delivering powerful audio and video ingest, editorial and post production capabilities- all in an intuitive to use and integrated system.

Broadcast Quality Conversions
Io HD features full 10-bit, broadcast-quality, motion-adaptive SD to HD up-conversion, HD to HD cross-conversion, HD to SD down-conversion, and HD/SD 12-bit component analog output. That's the equivalent of rolling AJA's standalone HD D/A converter, HD to SD down-converter, and our SD to HD up-converter into one convenient, cost-efficient box. The quality of the AJA Io HD's conversions is identical to AJA's award-winning stand-alone products, and since all functionality is hardware-based, this means that it is available all the time, on digitize or playback without using CPU processing like software conversions would. Io HD will address your varied delivery needs with support for hardware-based 1080-to-720 or 720-to-1080 crossconversion.

The AJA Io HD conversion capabilities streamline dailies and deliverables creation at true broadcast picture quality in realtime - just another measure of the power and flexibility of the AJA Io HD.


  • Apple ProRes 422 Codec- SD, HD 720/1080, fullraster 10 bit 4:2:2, supported in hardware
  • Up/down/cross-conversion, 10-bit, realtime, in hardware
  • SD-SDI and HD-SDI I/O (2)
  • Component I/O (SD and HD)
  • Composite and S-video I/O
  • HDMI video w/8-channel audio I/O
  • Embedded SDI 8-channel audio I/O
  • AES/EBU 8-channel unbalanced audio I/O (BNC)
  • Analog 4-channel balanced audio I/O (XLR)
  • Analog 2-channel unbalanced audio output (RCA)
  • Genlock with loopthrough
  • RS-422 machine control
  • LTC Timecode I/O
  • Connects to a Mac via a single FireWire 800 cable
  • For use with Apple Final Cut Studio 2 on Mac OS X
  • 3-year International Warranty

AJA io HD Rear

Video Connectivity
Looking for unsurpassed video connectivity Look no further. Io HD provides connectors on the rear panel to directly connect standard broadcast devices. For SDI video, the box features two SD/HD inputs and two outputs, one connection for Genlock input and a loop-through, and two groups of three BNCs which may be configured for component SD/HD analog video input and output. HDMI input and output allows interfacing with low-cost camcorders and HD monitors. Add to the list S-Video, Composite video, LTC in and out-and a 9-pin connector for RS-422 machine control and you can connect to just about anything. Whether you're using BetacamSP, Digital Betacam, HDCAM, DVCPro50, DVCPRO HD, D5 -or any other professional video device-you'll have the proper connections.

Audio Connectivity
Io HD's extensive audio support makes integration with professional audio gear easy; tie Io HD to a digital audio mixer or DAW output with 8-channel 24-bit 48kHz AES audio via BNC connections. For multi-channel audio mastering, 8-channel SDI embedded 24-bit 48kHz audio is also provided. Io HD features high-quality input sample-rate conversion on AES inputs, which eliminates the need for audio source synchronization. You can even input and output up to 8 embedded channels on the HDMI inputs and outputs. Balanced analog XLR connections are also provided along with two unbalanced RCA connectors for connection to consumer monitoring devices.



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