Bella DV Keyboard 3.0 with Grass Valley EDIUS Keycaps installed
Bella DV Keyboard 3.0 with Grass Valley EDIUS Keycaps installedBella DV Keyboard 3.0 with Grass Valley EDIUS Keycaps installedBella DV Keyboard 3.0 with Grass Valley EDIUS Keycaps installed


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VideoGuys Part # (SKU): EZ4208EDIUS
DV Keyboard 3.0 with Grass Valley EDIUS Keycaps installed
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Now in its 3rd generation, the DV Keyboard 3.0 allows maximum flexibility for all of your video editing needs. It features the world’s only built-in jog/shuttle controller, two USB 2.0 ports for direct, high-speed connectivity, and three ports for the optional NeoLite. Also included are free high-quality sticker sets to help you learn and edit more quickly, and multimedia keys for further productivity. Utilizing Bella's unique hybrid technology, the DV Keyboard works on both Mac & PC platforms.

The DV Keyboard 3.0 also features our programmable, built-in jog/shuttle controller – the world’s first and only keyboard to offer this to video editors. Having the jog/shuttle right at your fingertips allows you to edit more efficiently and feel more connected to your audio and video clips, all without your hands ever having to leave the keyboard. The shuttle (outer) ring allows play and hold at the speed you want (turns 90 degrees in either direction), while the jog (inner) wheel allows more finite frame by frame control The faster you spin the wheel, the faster your video moves. Additionally, the two Specialty Keys can be programmed for commonly used commands, such as Mark In and Mark Out. Editing your videos has never been easier!


  • Apple Final Cut Studio/Final Cut Pro
  • Apple Final Cut Express HD
  • Avid Xpress
  • Avid Media Composer
  • Sony Vegas
  • Sony Movie Studio
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe Premiere Elements
  • Pinnacle Studio
  • Pinnacle (Avid) Liquid
  • Microsoft Movie Maker

NeoLite: Don't Be Caught in the Dark!
The Pro Series 3.0 now includes the NeoLite. The NeoLite is a task light featuring dual LEDs and a 12 inch flexible gooseneck that plugs into any of three power ports in the keyboard leaving all USB ports free. Use the NeoLite to illuminate the keyboard or the workspace around it.

Not Just for Video Editing
The DV Keyboard 3.0 is designed to be used as a standard keyboard as well, and works with all PC and Mac applications, such as Word, Excel and Internet Explorer. The easily installed software includes presets for most popular applications, with additional presets available for download from Bella’s website. For added convenience, the DV Keyboard 3.0 also includes 14 extra programmable keys for web, email or multimedia use. Custom settings can be created and saved to work with a multitude of programs; once a setting has been created, using the setting couldn't be easier: presets automatically load with each application you use. And if you're new to video editing, the DV Keyboard 3.0 will help you get up to speed faster with its keyboard shortcut sticker sets.


  • Integrated Jog / Shuttle Controller
  • Optional NeoLite featuring dual LEDs to help illuminate your work space
  • Two USB 2.0 Ports for connecting high-speed USB devices such as iPods, Flash Drives, and USB Hard Drives*
  • Three power ports for the optional NeoLite
  • International Symbols allow access to most European letters and symbols
  • Includes high-quality sticker sets for Pinnacle Studio, Sony Vegas Movie Studio.
  • Incorporates our unique Hybrid Technology, allowing it to work on either Mac or PC

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System Requirements 

  • Microsoft Windows XP and above or Mac OS X v10.4 and above, including Intel Macs
  • An internet connection to download the keyboard driver and user guide
  • A direct connection to the computer's USB port*

*Certain USB devices may require an external power supply.

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