Bella HD Mouse (PC/Mac Hybrid)
Bella HD Mouse (PC/Mac Hybrid)Bella HD Mouse (PC/Mac Hybrid)Bella HD Mouse (PC/Mac Hybrid)Bella HD Mouse (PC/Mac Hybrid)


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Bella HD Mouse 2.0
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The Ultimate Multimedia Experience - Amazing Capabilities, Endless Possibilities
Imagine a mouse that can perform as many as 96 functions – all from just five buttons! With Bella’s unique HD Mouse technology, you can program keystrokes, macros and mouse clicks to any of the buttons, the scroll wheel or even mouse movement (X and Y axis). The HD Mouse software also recognizes which application is active and automatically loads settings for that application. For example, if you switch from browsing the web to working in Photoshop, the scroll wheel can switch from scrolling a page to changing brush sizes.

With the HD Mouse, the software is included in the price, and you get our 5 button wireless mouse with up to a 26 foot range, a slip resistant rubberized body for comfort in either hand and 1600 DPI resolution at a blazing 3000 frames per second.

Intuitive Interface
The intuitive interface for the HD Mouse makes creating settings a snap. Adding to the power of the HD Mouse technology is the ability to quickly and easily switch between HD Mode and standard mouse mode: simply click the scroll wheel or other designated button to toggle back and forth.

From Microsoft Word to World of Warcraft
The HD Mouse technology can be applied to any number of applications, and we’ve included presets for some popular applications to get you started. For example, we’ve created a setting for iTunes that turns the HD Mouse into a remote control so you can adjust the volume, skip to the next song or pause playback from across the room.

  • Video Editing - Whether you are using Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro or nearly any of the video editing solutions available, you can use the HD Mouse technology to easily navigate your timeline, mark clips or automate routine tasks.
  • Office Applications - Map frequently used key commands to a single mouse click. For example, in Microsoft Word, you could have side button 1 of the mouse perform a copy command and side button 2 perform a past command.
  • Gaming - Automate certain tasks to give you the ultimate advantage. In Blizzards Worlds of Warcraft you can create a macro that with a single click will cast a series of spells.
  • Graphics - Cycle through tools, change views, apply filters. Use the two mouse side buttons to zoom in and out of your document in Adobe Illustrator.

With multiple predefined, program specific actions, and nearly an infinite number of user defined choices, the HD Mouse technology allows you to get the most out of every application you use.

Unique On Screen Display
A convenient on screen display can be activated depending on your needs. Application specific, it can be placed anywhere on the screen to provide feedback on mouse activity, further enhancing productivity.

Whether you need basic navigation, high-end gaming, graphics or multi-media content creation, the HD Mouse technology provides ultimate convenience and unparalleled performance.


  • A five button mouse becomes a 96 button mouse: modifier keys can now be combined with mouse clicks, enabling as many as 48 options on Windows and 96 unique click options on Apple Mac systems.
  • Mouse clicks can be programmed into macros.
  • User Profiles: up to three user profiles can be stored to accommodate additional users or multiple settings for a single application.
  • Multiple ways to enter HD Mode: Scroll click (default method), Side Button 1 or Side Button 2.
  • HD Mode notification icon: user selectable sizes and position provides valuable mode feedback.
  • Windows key disabling: In HD Mode, the Windows key can be disabled so that it is not accidentally pressed during game play.
  • Timeout function: If the mouse is inactive in HD Mode for a period of time (2, 5 and 10 minutes) it will automatically switch back to ‘standard’ mouse mode.
  • On Screen Display (OSD): you can now choose to display the movement arrows just vertically, horizontally or both horizontally and vertically.
  • A new programmable button, the Scroll Wheel click down. The Scroll wheel click down may now be programmed as long as you’ve chosen to enter HD Mode by one of the side buttons.
  • More precise tracking while playing games such as World of Warcraft.
  • HD Mouse program interface highlights your last active app, making it easier to ensure that your settings are correct.
  • On-screen display is automatically disabled when entering full screen mode of some games and applications that require exclusive access to the graphics card

Technical Specifications:

  • Resolution: 1600/800 DPI Switchable
  • Frames Per Second: 3000
  • Report Rate: 125
  • Sensor Type: Optical
  • Wireless Technology: 2.4GHz RF Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)
  • Wireless Range: range up to 26 feet (8 meters)
  • USB connection
  • 16 Channels with over 16 million IDs per channel possible
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 & Windows Vista 32 and Vista 64 version and Mac OS X 10.4 and later

Package Contents:

  • 5 Button Mouse
  • USB Transmitter/Receiver
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • (2) AA Batteries
  • Quick-Start Guide

System Requirements:
  • Internet Connection to download the advanced functionality software and user guide
  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later (Intel Processor or Power PC processor)
  • Windows XP or Vista (32 or 64 bit)
  • Available USB port

Click here for Video Demos and Tutorials for the HD Mouse

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