Red 5.5 Crossgrade for Boris FX or Graffiti users (Mac)
Red 5.5 Crossgrade for Boris FX or Graffiti users (Mac)


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Boris Red 5.5
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Boris RED is the only integrated 3D compositing, titling, and effects application to deliver unparalleled performance to video editing software from Adobe, Apple, Avid, Grass Valley, Media 100, and Sony. An indispensable tool for post-production and broadcast professionals, RED offers a wide range of features right on your NLE timeline and adds a standalone engine for effects creation and rendering.

Product Highlights

  • 230+ filters from BCC and FEC
  • 1000+ presets included FREE
  • Real-time Operation
  • 3D Text Tools
  • Image Restoration and Retouching
  • Raster and Vector Paint System
  • Corner Pinning and Match Moving
  • Optical Image Stabilization
  • Motion Tracking
  • Unwanted Object Removal
  • All of Boris FX and Graffiti
  • Stand-alone Render Engine

Top New Features in RED 5

  • User Interface and Workflow Enhancements
  • Support for 64-bit Video Editing Applications
  • 40+ Filters from Final Effects Complete
  • High-quality Image Restoration Tools
  • UpRez
  • 3-Way Color Grading
  • New 3D Particle Effects
  • Realistic In-Camera Effects
  • Stylized Effects
  • Painterly Effects
  • 50+ New Transition Effects

User Interface and Workflow Enhancements

Boris RED 5 includes ergonomic, drag-and-drop panels and a curve editor for smooth parameter animation. In addition, many of the included Boris Continuum Complete and Final Effects Complete filters include a new Compare Mode feature that lets you compare the filtered result with the unfiltered source via either a side-by-side view or a live split-screen view. In the side-by-side view, you can view the unfiltered and filtered image result in the composite window as changes are made to the image. In the split-screen view, you can drag the wipe bar anywhere across the image to compare the filtered result with the unfiltered source at any zoom level.

Support for 64-bit Video Editing Applications

Boris RED 5 adds support for 64-bit video editing applications such as Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 and CS5, Adobe After Effects CS5.5 and CS5 (Windows), and Sony Vegas Pro v11 and v10.

40+ Filters from Final Effects Complete

Boris RED 5 includes 40+ filters from the legendary Final Effects Complete VFX plug-in collection. Newly-added designer effects and transitions include Mr. Smoothie, Ball Action, Bubbles, and Wiggle Edges.

High-quality Image Restoration Tools

Smooth and soften skin imperfections and remove jaggies, DV compression artifacts, and unwanted noise from image clips:

  • Noise Reduction
    The multi-processor accelerated BCC Noise Reduction filter safely removes unwanted video noise and artifacts from image clips while preserving all of the detail contrast in the original image. The filter combines temporal and spatial methods to safely eliminate the unwanted video noise and includes an option for post process image sharpening to further enhance the image result. The built-in compare mode split-screen and wipe function makes setup of the filter an easy and intuitive process.
  • Smooth Tone
    With the advent of HD image technology, the image result may often be "too sharp". What this means is that certain areas in the image, such as the pores on a subject's skin, may become too prominent. The Smooth Tone filter applies a complex image smoothing-algorithm to these areas in the image but does not affect extreme specular highlights or catch-lights. This results in smoother skin tones while preserving important areas of detail contrast within the image.
  • Pixel Fixer
    Digital video and still photography, while making it easier to have immediate access to source material, come with some disadvantages versus film source material. One common problem is with the camera's image sensor. Sometimes pixels on the sensor stop working - with the result of "bad" pixels in the image. Instead of clone-painting to remove or disguise the bad pixel in each frame, the BCC Pixel Fixer automates this process. Simply center one of the source points in the filter over the bad pixel and it is removed from every frame in the clip. This fast-to-render filter includes source points to remove up to 10 "bad" pixels per filter instance.
  • DV Fixer
    This filter uses proprietary algorithms to detect visible aliased diagonal edges that are typically found in DV video clips and then processes the pixels only along these edges to achieve a smooth artifact-free result. The filter is easy to use and features on-screen view modes that enable you to fine-tune the detected jaggy edges prior to performing any image processing.

New 3D Particle Effects

  • BCC Particle Array 3D is an OpenGL-accelerated particle-based 3D generator. It generates a 3D array of particles and offers several interesting ways of manipulating the array based on graph controls, alternate AE layers, fractal noise patterns, random dispersion, and more. The filter includes an integrated Beat Reactor group for creating dynamic animations directly influenced by audio layers.
  • BCC Pin Art 3D is an OpenGL-accelerated particle-based 3D generator. Like a 3D-capable LED or halftone type of effect, it can be used to achieve a wide range of both 2D and 3D-looking surfaces.Features such as sophisticated built-in wipes and an integrated Beat Reactor group allow for creating dynamic animations within the filter, including animations directly influenced by audio layers.


Achieve high-quality SD to HD conversions while minimizing the data loss that is usually associated with resizing media in a host application. The UpRez filter includes several high-end image processing algorithms to enhance the sharpness and smoothness of the final result.

3-Way Color Grading

Boris RED's new 3-Way Color Grade filter gives you a professional color grading process complete with three custom color wheels for pedestal/gamma/gain adjustment. The filter includes built-in masking and keying tools to isolate areas of secondary color correction. Separate color grading can be applied to the inside and outside of a mask, eliminating an extra compositing step.

Realistic In-Camera Effects

  • Lens Blur
    The multi-processsor accelerated BCC Lens Blur filter emulates the circular or multi-sided iris shaped highlights that are generated with real camera lenses in areas of the image that are out of focus. This filter includes a pop-up that can be used to match the different looks that can be achieved in the physical world based on the camera lens aperture setting. This pleasing optical result is referred to in photographic terms as Bokeh. The filter includes a Z-Map control group for generating depth-of-field rack focus effects.
  • Lens Shape
    The multi-processsor accelerated BCC Lens Shape filter to generate stylized image highlights that take their shape from an alternate alpha image source. Like the BCC Lens Blur filter, the BCC Lens Shape filter simulates a lens out of focus effect, but instead of generating iris shaped highlights, the highlights take their shape from the alpha channel input of an alternate image layer. Use the included Z-Depth option to emulate real-world depth of field camera lens effects.
  • Lens Transition
    The multi-processsor accelerated BCC Lens Transition filter automatically generates a stylized transition between a pair of image clips. The filter applies a lens blur effect to stylize the highlights in both the outgoing and incoming image clips, simulating the look of a camera lens rack focus effect. On-screen controls are provided to control the transition velocity and duration and for control over the lens Bokeh.
  • Swish Pan
    The BCC Swish Pan transition emulates panning a camera very quickly in a 180 degree arc, creating the look of a fast blur between the outgoing and the incoming clips.

Stylized Effects

New stylized, OpenGL-accelerated effects include LED, Damaged TV, Tile Mosaic, Scan Lines, Prism, Lightning, Glare, Glint, Glitter, and Lens Flare.

Painterly Effects

Simulate pencil-sketched images, the wash look of a water color painting, a rotoscope toon-animation look, and charcoal drawings.


  • Adobe CC 2014, CC, CS6, CS5.5
  • Avid Media Composer 8, 7 (formerly Avid FX)
  • DaVinci Resolve 11
  • Sony Vegas Pro 13, 12, 11, 10

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