Brainstorm Edison PRO Workstation

Brainstorm Edison PRO Workstation

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Brainstorm Edison PRO Workstation

AR/VR real-time presentations made easy
Edison PRO is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, and cost-effective solution for creating amazing live and online presentations. Users can start off with a simple PPT or PDF file and  then add rich media, from pictures, sound and video to complex 3D objects and animations from the built-in libraries or any other source. Presenters can immerse themselves in a virtual environment and easily control the presentation using standard devices, such as a clicker.

Easy-to-use application
Users can create dazzling presentations with total ease, based on everyday presentation tools like PPT or PDF files.

Compatible with Unreal Engine
Edison PRO is fully compatible with UE photorealistic scenes, which can be used as 3D backgrounds for the presentations.

Cost-effective, turnkey solution
Edison PRO is a cost-effective, turnkey solution, designed to ensure ease of operation, compatibility and performance.

Dazzling live AR presentations in just two steps
  1. Load a template
    Edison PRO comes with a library of pre-defined templates, scenes, furniture, pointers, screens and other objects to populate the scene, available as free downloads.
  2. Insert your PPT/PDF presentation
    Edison PRO can import standard PPT and PDF files so the slides or pages can be displayed and controlled by the presenter by using Edison’s interface or a clicking device.
Customize your presentation adding new assets
Once the template is loaded, Edison PRO can key out and insert the presenter inside the template scene by using its built-in chroma keyer. Then, the scene can be further customized, adding assets such as videos, images, 3D objects and much more. And, as Edison PRO is compatible with Unreal Engine scenes, your backgrounds can be as photorealistic as any high-end scene.

Once the template scene is loaded, users can customize it at will, changing the displays, furniture, backgrounds and adding elements like pointers or even interactive templates for quizzes and polls.

Users can also import any material they may require, like images, videos or 3D objects, regardless they have been custom-built for a presentation or downloaded from available libraries or stock image pages.

Turn any presentation into a live, virtual experience
Edison PRO is an innovative, template-based playout application that seeks to transform any live, online presentation or conference into an immersive experience through AR and virtual environments, allowing users to enhance their speech and storytelling with real-time 3D graphics and other visual aids, including immersing themselves in the presentation.

Compatible with standard presentation tools
Edison PRO can import standard PPT and PDF files so the slides or pages can be displayed and controlled by the presenter by using Edison’s interface. The presentation can also be controlled using standard clicker devices, smartphones or tablets.

Based on Brainstorm’s 25 years of broadcast experience in virtual sets and AR, Edison PRO substantially improves the impact of any presentation. Users do not require any experience in graphics, video, image or 3D, as the starting point for their sessions is a PPT of PDF document.

Easy to use and control
Running a presentation is as easy as loading a template and importing the slides. Once a template is loaded, Edison PRO can key out and insert the presenter inside the 3D Virtual Reality scene, which can be further customized.

TrackFree virtual cameras that turn your virtual set limitless
Using Brainstorm’s patented TrackFree™ technology, Edison PRO takes the video feed of your fixed camera and creates virtual camera views from it. These are flexible, independent from the live feed, and can move freely in 3D space, as pedestals or cranes do in live production environments. This feature expands the virtual environment far beyond the limits of the physical chroma set. Users can change the camera view or create a new one at any time, instantly, with just a click!

Unreal Engine compatible
Edison PRO is compatible with UE scenes, which can be used as 3D backgrounds for the presentation. This improves your presentations with the ability to use hyper realistic background scenes in real-time.

Also, the optional Edison UC (Edison Unreal Control) plugin allows for controlling and editing the UE scene’s blueprints, objects and properties directly from Edison’s own, user-friendly interface.

Turnkey solution for photorealistic broadcast quality
Based on 25 years of the broadcast experience of Brainstorm in virtual sets and AR, Edison PRO substantially improves the quality and impact of your presentations without requiring specific knowledge in 3D, virtual studios or video.
Edison PRO is a standalone product* that includes a future-proof hardware to ensure the ease of operation, compatibility and performance. Installation, training and support are straight-forward, ensuring a rock-solid operation even in highly demanding, live production environments.
*Monitor not included.

Advanced options

Edison Unreal Control Edison Unreal Control (Edison UC) is a plugin that allows for controlling the Blueprints, Objects and Properties present in any Unreal Engine scene directly by using Edison’s comprehensible, user-friendly dedicated interface. This plugin opens the door for advanced users to manage their own or acquired Unreal projects directly from Edison.

SDI I/O Edison PRO hardware comes with HDMI and NDI IO as a default, but it can be configured to support SDI (future option), which will open the door for other advanced options. The SDI option reconfigures the Edison PRO hardware to guarantee its performance while ensuring a seamless integration into any SDI broadcast workflows.

• 1x HDMI Video input.
• 5x configurable inputs. Users can select between NDI, webcam
(including a professional DSLR or mirrorless camera connected
via USB), movie, playlists or grabber.
• Built-in NDI IO with multiple simultaneous signals.
• 6x Crosspoints. Can be TrackFree, TrackAR, Input or Stack.
• 8x mixer presets.
• Import of external files to be included in the presentation.
» Presentations (PPT, PDF)
» Pictures (png, jpg, tga...)
» Movies (mp4, mov, avi...)
» 3D Objects (obj, 3ds, fbx...)
» Brainstorm scenes (scn)
• A presentation can also be created via drag-and-drop of a
Windows directory containing files in any of the above formats


• Presenter insertion using advanced virtual set features:
» Actor immersion: TrackFreeTM, Chromakey, Shadows...
» Camera control: Camera Presets and Crosspoints.
• Image backgrounds.
» Compatible with using high-resolution image as the
background for the presentation.
» Support for InfinitySet backgrounds.
• Displays. Configurable displays from the object library to show
the presentation and content.
• Stands. Allows for including stands from the object library to
support the presenter.
• Compatible with Unreal Engine scenes for backgrounds

• Templated project. Templated project avoids the need for
non-expert users or beginners to start creating the scene from
scratch, and helps with the training and introduction to the
product, which includes a basic scene to start with.
• Built-in, editable template projects. Enables users to create
the Virtual Set environment just by drag-and-drop the selected
template and adjusting its editable features.
• Presentation. Import of PPT or PDF as slides for a presentation.
• Additional content. Import of images, videos and 3D objects in
addition to the presentation file (See Input and Import).
• Input catch. Includes an image over the presentation. When
slides are presented in full screen, the presenter can be placed
as a PIP (Picture In Picture) over the slide.
• Timeline. 1x Global timeline with multiple slide timeline.

• Teleprompter. Allows for drag&drop triggering of events
included in the text.
• Control driven graphics.
• Timelines of actions.
• Telestrator. Allows for direct, real-time drawing on slides with
macros to record drawings.
• On-air templated graphics such as lower thirds, titles...

• Once the environment has been created, the presenter inserted,
and the presentation imported in a display, Edison features an
on-air mode where the presentation can be driven using different
types of interaction and clicking devices:
• Operation via Mouse, keyboard arrows, GUI.
• Support for multi-touch screen.
• Support for Touch OSC (via tablet, smartphone, etc.).
• Support for external Clicker devices.

• 1x HDMI Output to connect to external devices.
• NDI Output.
• Recording via OBS.
• Sharing DisplayOut screen (for Zoom, Discord, etc.).
• Presentation output options.
» Record to file.
» Direct Streaming.
» Live, face-to-face presentation.

• EdisonUC plugin (Edison Unreal Engine Control)
• SDI IO via hardware (future option)
• Premium Training
• Premium Support

• 30-day limited license with watermark.
• Presentation control
• Edison basic features
• HDMI IO depending on hardware
• Built-in NDI IO
• Unreal Engine compatible (backgrounds only)

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