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Watch Live TV on your IPad, at home or around the World. Broadway allows users to stream Live TV to the ipad, iphone4, Android, PC or Mac computers.
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Broadway - Watch Live TV on your ipad, at home or around the World. Broadway allows users to stream Live TV to the ipad, iphone4, Android, PC or Mac computers. This small stand alone device also sends the TV signal over your home wifi network. It can be placed anywhere in the home since it communicates hardwire or wirelessly with your home network. Broadway has a built in HD TV Tuner and hardware H.264 video encoder, which ensures the highest quality video being sent to your ipad, iphone or mobile device. And, Broadway will also stream to your Mac or PC. Whether you are at home or on the road, streaming Live TV is now easier than ever.

Compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac.

Broadway connects between your TV source and your home Wi-Fi network. Broadway takes your TV signal, converts it to format which can be displayed on your mobile device (the Apple iPad and iPhone use one format type, while Android, PCs and Macs use another), and then sends the converted TV signal to your home router. Your home router then transmits the live TV signal to your mobile device via Wi-Fi or the Internet.

Broadway contains a versatile TV tuner with support for cable and satellite set top boxes, ATSC over-the-air TV signals and unencrypted digital cable TV (clear QAM). If you use a cable TV or satellite set top box to watch TV at home, Broadway connects to the audio and video signals on the set top box. Then from your Apple device no matter where you are in the world, you'll have full control of the TV channel selected on the set top box via Broadway's "IR-blaster" technology.

Broadway has a built-in high quality H.264 HD video encoder, which turns your TV signal into a form which can be played on the Apple iPhone or iPad, or into a form which can be played on other devices such as Android or a PC or Mac.

Broadway is "always on" with extremely low power consumption. Connect Broadway to your TV source, put it in a corner and Broadway will always be ready to send your favorite TV programs to your mobile device, anywhere in the world!

Broadway can also stream live TV to a PC or Mac

All that's required to watch live TV on your Mac is Safari. Broadway converts the live TV signal to a form which can be watched in Safari. If you would like to watch live TV on a PC, the Broadway package also includes the TVCenter 6 software for Windows. TVCenter makes it easy to watch, pause and record live TV. Now you can watch live TV on your Mac or PC, anywhere you have a Wi-Fi or Internet connection!

Broadway set-up is as easy as 1-2-3:

  • Connect your TV source to Broadway: cable TV or satellite set top box, antenna or TV coax cable
  • Connect Broadway to your home router (Wi-Fi or wired)
  • Open a browser on your Apple device and type in http://distan.tv

Our distan.tv server makes the setup of Broadway a snap! You can now scan for TV channels and set up an Internet connection to Broadway.

Technically speaking:

Broadway is a networked TV receiver which features a built-in cable ready TV tuner and set top box connections, a high definition H.264 compressor and a network connection with support for Ethernet and Wi-Fi using 802.11B or 802.11n.

Broadway converts and compresses the live TV signal to a Apple compatible H.264 video format (or Flash when transmitting to a Mac, PC or an Android phone) and streams it wirelessly to Apple? mobile devices via a home router. The Broadway router connection can be Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

TV standards support by Broadway

  • S-Video or composite video connection to a cable TV or satellite set top box
  • ATSC reception in HD and SD
  • ClearQAM Digital cable TV (in areas where available)

Minimum system requirements

  • Home router with Wi-Fi
  • Internet connection
  • TV connection from cable or satellite set top box, cable TV connection or TV antenna

For watching TV outside the home

Your home router needs to be connected to Broadway and also connected to the Internet. An uplink speed of min. 256kbit/s is recommended and Wi-Fi hotspot or 3G connection where you want to watch TV on your mobile device.

System Requirements for Apple devices

  • iPad or iPhone (any version) or iPod Touch with Safari web browser
  • iOS 4 or newer
  • Wi-Fi connection to your home router

System Requirements for connection to a PC

  • Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.)
  • Microsoft? Windows 7, or Windows Vista or Windows XP (32 bit) with latest Service Pack, 1 GB RAM
  • PC with 1.5 GHz processor for SD TV For HDTV: 2,6 GHz multi core processor
  • Wi-Fi or Ethernet wired connection

System Requirements for connection to a Mac

  • Mac with OS X 10.5 or newer
  • Safari web browser
  • LAN-streaming: Wi-Fi or wired connection to a router or access point

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