Contour Design Left Handed Unimouse (Wireless)
Contour Design Left Handed Unimouse (Wireless)
Contour Design Left Handed Unimouse (Wireless)
Contour Design Left Handed Unimouse (Wireless)

Contour Design Left Handed Unimouse (Wireless)

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Contour Design Left Handed Unimouse (Wireless)

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Powered by Adjustability
Every hand is unique. Shouldn’t your mouse be as unique as your hand? Unimouse is the only fully adjustable mouse designed to perfectly fit your hand. With an adjustable angle and thumb support, Unimouse provides comfort and ergonomic benefits unparalleled by other handheld mouse options.

Unimouse has a unique hinge mechanism that allows you to choose your preferred body angle. Starting at 35° and ranging all the way to 70°, the Unimouse aims to allow you to find an angle that mimics your hand in its natural posture.

Unimouse boasts a dynamic, adjustable thumb support that gives you near infinite adjustability. With 3 distinct points of adjustment the Unimouse allows you to choose the perfect place for the thumb support.

Whether you’re comfortable at 35°, 70°, or anywhere in between, the adjustable hinge on the Unimouse allows you to achieve the maximum comfort and ergonomic benefits from your Unimouse in finding a position that allows your hand to work in its natural posture.

Your natural posture is your body at rest. The articulating thumb support encourages users to move the length, width, and angle to find the perfect spot to let your thumb rest and eliminate harmful gripping. This allows you full control while reducing tension in your hands and forearms.

Customizable shape
A fully adjustable body angle and thumb rest supports hands of all shapes and sizes

6 Programmable buttons
Put productivity first by mapping your most used shortcuts to a single mouse click.

Available in left- and right-handed versions
No matter if you’re right or left-handed, we have a Unimouse for you.

Product Dimensions
4.7in. x 3.0in. x 2.2in.

4.5 oz.

Wired | Wireless

2.4Ghz Advanced Wireless Technology

Battery Type
Lithium-ion Polymer (LIP) rechargeable battery,
470mAhBattery LifeUp to 1 month* on a single charge

Charging Time
2 Hour quick charge

Plug and Play. Optional driver for button customization.

Body Angle Adjustment
35 degrees incrementally. Friction based locking system.

Thumb Angle Adjustment
35 degrees in either direction. Friction based locking system.

Sensor Type
Pixart PMW3330, IR

Operational Distance
Up to 25 feet

Cursor Speeds (DPI)
800 | 1000 | 1200 | 1400 | 1600 | 1800 | 2000 | 2200 | 2400 | 2800


6 programmable buttons (Left, Middle, Right, Scroll Click, Forward, Back)

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