Create|3D for file based 4:4:4 and 4:4:2 3D Workflows
Create|3D for file based 4:4:4 and 4:4:2 3D Workflows


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Bluefish 444 Create Video Card Range
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Packed to the gills with Bluefish444’s heritage, Create is the new blockbuster in affordable, stable, high-quality, professional card solutions!

Create caters perfectly for the specific needs of modern video and graphics artists in Post Production and Broadcast Graphics. Small or Large! Whether you’re in Editing/Compositing/Animation, Film & Drama Production, Corporate Event Videography or custom development, creating at the highest quality is within reach of every professional!

Features 3G-SDI, 3D Stereoscopic, a 12 bit video processing pipeline, pristine hardware based scaling, DVI/HDMI output with 3 x 1D LUTs for 2K Preview and uncompressed 2K dual link.

Why should Hollywood have all the fun?
Used in 1000’s of Hollywood features and several Academy Award winners, Bluefish444 is now 10 years into providing the highest quality of video processing for Digital
Intermediary and Film production. Providing customized solutions for some of the worlds most demanding creative artists has given Bluefish444 the knowledge and experience to deliver the very same technology in a low cost line of Creative Digital Content hardware tools.

True film and broadcast quality at an affordable price!
Create caters perfectly for the specific needs of modern video and graphics artists in Post Production and Broadcast Graphics. Small or Large! Whether you’re in editing/Compositing/Animation, Film & Drama Production, Corporate Event Videography or custom development, creating at the highest quality is within reach of every professional!

Absolutely No Compromise
Bluefish444’s Create enjoys the pedigree of a proven track record delivering absolutely ‘No Compromise’ professional results. Engineered using the highest quality components, Bluefish444 delivers it’s superior quality through the power of hardware based parallel processing. Create boasts perfect signal processing, delivering pristine image quality in 2K, HD & SD resolutions. Extreme reliability in mission critical environments makes Create the Professionals’ Choice.

No Compromise hardware scaling for up down andcross conversion between 2K, HD and SD

If you are in Post Production, Broadcast Graphics or Corporate/Events production, the broadcast quality scaling of Create gives you the accuracy and confidence to scale, preview and master between 2K, HD and SD in a single pass! With Bluefish444’s flexible user interface controlling the hardware scaler, the multiple preview and
mastering choices are yours to tailor to suit your workflow.

Scaling includes up/down conversions between 2K, HD & SD for HD monitoring of film, between HD&SD for simultaneous production of both formats no matter which you have chosen to shoot in. Covering anamorphic, letterbox and centre cut or ‘pillarbox’ 4:3 footage and scaling to 16:9 SD footage for full screen monitoring. Realtime cross conversions from 720 to 1080 and 1080 to 720, realtime frame rate conversions with 2:3:2:3 and 2:3:3:2 cadences (3:2 pull down). With Create’s Scaling architecture there are truly no compromises.

Featuring a hardware based 25 X 25 TAP Sinc(x) scaling algorithm that provides for a 1/128th sub pixel scaling accuracy giving the most accurate and crisp scaling available today. Bluefish have learnt from industry leaders what is required at the high end and we are delivering this scaling technology to you at a fraction of the cost.

No compromise 12 bit processing for real time effects and greater productivity

Bluefish444 products are renowned for their highest quality 12 bit real time RGB YUV color space conversion for monitoring compositing and animation graphics in the true YUV broadcast colour space. The 12 bit video processing used throughout Create offers four times the quality of traditional 10 bit pixel depth video processing.

For the editor, supporting the full complement of the Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro real time effects engine with hardware scaling accelaration means, no matter what ‘hat’ you’re wearing, you can make the most of your time with less interruptions with greater real time effects productivity.

Bundled with Symmetry 3D & DI acquisition, review and playback software

And because Bluefish444 provides its renowned 3D & DI capture & playback application in Symmetry, capturing footage in any pixel format or video resolution, for the professional compositor is an absolute breeze.

Create | HD

DCC HD/SD 4:2:2 workflows
Create|HD is targeted at the uncompressed HD/SD digital content creation workflow. It is ideal for creative artists looking to connect digital VTR’s, cameras and monitors working in either HD or SD SDI. Create|HD allows for hardware based real-time up, down or crossconversion during capture or playback. The same hardware based
scaler intuitively accelerates real time effects within supported NLE and compositing software. Additionally, dual SDI outputs allow for original and converted signals to be output simultaneously

Create | 3D

File based digital intermediary 4:4:4 & 4:2:2 3D workflows
Create|3D is targeted at the file based workflow of independent film making. Ingested files are edited and previewed within Adobe Creative Suite and Final Cut Studio as part of an offline workflow. The offline project can then be used to reconform colour corrected aterial and mastered to SD, HD or 3D resolutions in either single or
dual link output modes.

Create|3D has 3 X 1D LUT’s on all outputs allowing for calibration of the display device and log/linear conversion.

Create|3D’s DVI/HDMI preview output contains a high quality hardware based scaler. This converts the selected input or output to the LCD/Plasma’s native resolution and frame rate, bypassing the lower quality internal scaler of the LCD/Plasma. This provides for low cost and flexible monitoring within the workflow as a wide range of TFT, Plasma and projectors can be used.

Create|3D incorporates the Create|HD feature set and builds upon it by having dual link and 3D output and a high quality DVI/HDMI preview output.

Create | 3D Ultra

For all digital Intermediary dual link 4:4:4 & 3D I/O workflows
Create|3D Ultra is aimed at 4:4:4: digital intermediary and 3D I/O workflows. Bluefish444 has built its reputation on RGB workflows and Create|3D Ultra brings together our 10 years of expertise in a cost-effective product integrated tightly with Symmetry for Windows 3D and DI acquisition, preview and playout. Create|3D Ultra incorporates the Create|HD and Create|3D feature sets and builds upon them by having a dual link and 3D input.

Compatible with: Symmetry, Fluid, Adobe Creative Suite 6, AVID Media Composer 6, Final Cut Pro 7, Combustion, Eyeon Fusion 6

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