Datavideo DVK-200 Stand Alone Chromakey Solution
Datavideo DVK-200 Stand Alone Chromakey SolutionDatavideo DVK-200 Stand Alone Chromakey SolutionDatavideo DVK-200 Stand Alone Chromakey Solution


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VideoGuys Part # (SKU): DVK200
The DVK200 is a robust stand-alone live chromakey solution.
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The DVK-200 is a robust stand-alone live chromakey solution. With the DVK-200 you can connect a range of video and computer equipment, including DVI, Y:U:V, S-Video (Y/C) and composite video. You can also key with several colors: blue, green, white or black. Backgrounds sources can be switched to either S-Video (Y/C), Composite Video or DVI. Designed with education, small studios, wedding videographers and smaller production companies in mind, the DVK-200 enables users to create stunning virtual studio effects without the need for complicated computer software. You can play clips, create still backgrounds or embed live footage into a PowerPoint presentation for broadcast or webcast. It also conveniently supports either PAL or NTSC video standards. The CKL-200, dual color (green & blue) LED light ring and retro-reflective backdrop cloth complement the DVK-200 perfectly for chromakeying the easy way.


  • Key out backgrounds - select blue, green or luminance

  • Key out level adjustment - reduce the shadow after keying

  • Crop/adjust window - select areas of screen window to be keyed

  • Built in shrink function - reduces white or black edges on a subject

  • Built in TBC (Time Base Corrector)

  • Built in color processor, brightness, contrast, color and tint adjustable (tint is only NTSC)

  • Spill adjustment - removes unwanted color cast on the subject

  • Subject Density - makes the subject become more or less defined

  • Perfect accessory - the CKL-200 dual color light ring and retro reflective cloth (not included)



  • Foreground Inputs: DVI, YUV, S-Video, and CV (Composite)

  • Background Inputs: DVI, S-Video, and CV (Composite)

  • Outputs: 2x CV (Composite) and S-Video

Note: Single DVI can be used as a foreground or background source


  • RS-232 remote control interface


  • 12V 1.5A DC 110/220 power supply included

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