Datavideo DVK-300 Kit
Datavideo DVK-300 KitDatavideo DVK-300 KitDatavideo DVK-300 KitDatavideo DVK-300 Kit


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VideoGuys Part # (SKU): DVK300KIT
MFR Part # (MPN): DVK-300HD
The DVK300 HD Chromakey accepts HD or SD video to create beautiful chromakeys using a colored background. Kit includes a CKL-300 and DVK-300HD.
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The DVK-300 HD Chromakey accepts HD or SD video to create beautiful chromakeys using a colored background. This PC-controlled solution features key noise reduction, color spill processing, edge control, and more. It includes a simple-to-use wizard to assist in setting up chromakeys quickly and accurately. DVK-300 has HD/SD-SDI and HDMI for the foreground inputs and HD/SD-SDI and DVI-I for the background inputs. For outputs, the DVK-300 has HD-SDI and HDMI to show the matte out, and HD-SDI for Program out.

Video Connections

  • Foreground Inputs:1x HDMI, 1x HD/SD-SDI

  • Background Inputs: 1x HD/SD-SDI, 1x DVI-I

  • Matte Outputs: 1x HD-SDI, 1x HDMI

  • Program Outputs: 1x HD-SDI

Control Connections

  • 1x RS-232

  • 1x Ethernet (to PC)

Chromakey Kit
The CKL-300 Kit is a perfect solution for beautiful HD video chromakeys that do not require tedious attention to background lighting. It includes the LD-1 dual blue/green LED light ring with adapters for 58mm, 72mm, and 82mm lenses, an LED dimmer, a remote control unit, and three RF-1025 retro-reflective screens with velcro edges. This lets you expand the screen width to a size that fits your application.

Traditional Green Screens
You may have seen or heard of what’s called a “Green Screen.” The camera person will record the talent standing in front of the green screen. The video then goes to a device for processing to replace the green background with something else, like a virtual stage. That way, you can have a virtual set for your show host, interviewer, vocalist, etc.

Chromakey with the CKL-300
The CKL-300 works in a similar way, except instead of requiring a pre-built green-screen room, all you need to do is hang the three RF-1025 Retro-Reflective Screens to be used as the background for your talent. Next, the LED Light Ring is mounted onto the video camera and turned on. If the light ring is set to “green,” the resulting video will show your talent in front of a green background. If the ring is set to “blue,” the talent will be seen in front of a blue background.

The Benefits
This setup saves time and money because the use of this kit does NOT require painting a dedicated room for green-screening, and it does NOT require as much attention to lighting as a typical green-screen room does. Simply hang the RF-1025 screens, light your subject, turn on the light ring, and shoot!

Key Features:

  • Included Retro-Reflective Cloth is easy to assemble. Easier lighting setup than a green-screen room.

  • Included 58mm, 72mm, and 82mm adapters allow use with a wide variety of cameras.

  • Ready for use with DVK-200 Chromakey

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