Datavideo NVS-20 Streaming Video Server
Datavideo NVS-20 Streaming Video Server


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The Datavideo NVS20 is a broadcast-quality H.264 HD video streaming server that provides LIVE program production and broadcast encoding for the internet.
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The Datavideo NVS-20 is a broadcast-quality H.264 HD video streaming server that provides LIVE program production and broadcast encoding for the internet. Simply provide video to one of the video inputs, and the NVS-20 will output compressed video to your network through the ethernet port.

The NVS-20 can be used as a small unicast streaming device, but for larger distribution, using a CDN such as Ustream,, or is recommended.

Network Compatibility
For very quick and easy setup, DHCP Client is enabled on NVS-20. The device supports RTSP, RTMP, and HLS. NVS-20 is an ideal partner for Windows or Apple-based servers, as well as the Android system.

H.264 Encoding
With NVS-20, incoming video and audio signals are encoded to H.264 for instant live streaming on the Internet or over local networks.

Live Video Recording
Plug a USB drive into the NVS-20, and it will record your video in real time. This allows you to save a compressed backup of your stream, which can be edited or published later. NVS-20 will save your stream as a .ts or .mp4 file (configurable).

NVS-20 Key Features

  • HD/SD-SDI and HDMI Inputs
    Send video to the NVS-20 using the HDMI or HD/SD-SDI inputs.

  • Live Internet Streaming
    NVS-20 allows live 1080p broadcasting to the web in H.264 using content delivery networks U-Stream,, and, with more to be added.

  • Quick and Easy Setup
    DHCP Client allows quick and easy setup, with support for many streaming protocols.

  • Locking Power Connector
    NVS-20 has a locking power connector for added safety against accidental power disconnections.


Q: Is the USB port on the NVS-20 able to record to a FAT32 hard drive, or just a USB stick?
A: Only USB FAT32 formatted USB sticks.

Q: Is there an API for the web controls? (i.e. which would allow me to start/stop recording from a third-party control system).
A: No, not at this time.

Q: How do I reset my NVS-20?
A: To reset the NVS-20, press and hold the mode button on the front panel for 45 seconds until you see the lights flash. The NVS-20 will then boot to factory settings with the default username and password.

Q: Can the NVS-20 be used for an audio only stream?
A: The NVS-20 must lock to a video signal to encode a stream.

Q: Does it provide RTCP sender reports with valid time stamps so we can sync the audio with our video?
A: The NVS-20 encoder will not support encoded reporting or DSCP markers.

Q: Will the NVS-20 record/stream an SDI video signal and combine it with a separate audio input?
A: Yes, the NVS-20 can combine (embed) an analog audio source with a digital video signal such as SDI or HDMI. In the NVS-20 settings, you can adjust the input source selection along with the audio source selection.

Q: The NVS-20 can record video on a USB drive. That drive has to be formatted in FAT32. How many minutes of video can it record given the 4GB file size limit of FAT32?
A: Yes, the NVS-20 can record video onto a USB (Thumb drive). A test recording of 55 minutes created a 540MB .ts file. The USB stick utilized for the test was a Kingston DTSE9 16GB drive. Given the 4GB partition limit, the NVS-20 should split the file once it approaches the limit of the file.

Q: The NVS-20 uses a FAT32 file system for recording, so what happens when we reach the partition limit in the recording?
A: The NVS-20 will automatically split the file when it reaches 2.15GB on the USB drive.

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