Epiphan VGA Splitter
Epiphan VGA SplitterEpiphan VGA SplitterEpiphan VGA SplitterEpiphan VGA Splitter


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 A high quality active splitter with built-in ground loop isolation for crystal clear images.

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Not your average splitter!

VGA Splitter is a high quality active splitter with built-in ground loop isolation for crystal clear images. Unlike traditional Y-splitter cables, VGA Splitter intercepts and amplifies the VGA signal before splitting the signal. There is no loss in picture quality, resolution or power and no additional loading limitations on VGA cable length.

  • Ground loop isolator with high quality active VGA splitter

  • Connects existing VGA, amplifies the signal, generates a clean iso­la­ted VGA output

  • Output Ground Loop Isolated port and fault-tolerant pass through port

  • 1 GHz signal bandwidth

Video Input
Male 15-pin HD-15 connector Maximum input level: 2Vp-p Input impedance: 1 KOhms

Video Output
2 female 15-pin HD-15 connectors Output impedance: 75 Ohms

5V 200mA (required to enable second port or ground loop isolator)

Ground Loop Isolator
Integrated. Handles up to 1.5V RMS common mode level.

Color Resolution
16 bits per pixel / 5:6:5 format

Supported VGA Modes
All modes up to 2048×2048 @ 85Hz

1 GhZ

VGA Signaling
R,G,B plus separate HSYNC and VSYNC signals; R,G,B plus CSYNC signal; R,G,B with Sync-On-Green synchronization.

Additional Hardware Features
Integrated ground loop isolator (+/- 1.5V) Fault tolerant output port Low pixel jitter

Physical Dimensions
5.3″×4.1″ ×1.2″, 135mm×105mm×30mm

Country of Origin
Made in North America (Canada)

VGA Splitter product
VGA cable (male to male)
5V universal power adapter

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