iZotope Ozone 7: Essential Mastering Tools
iZotope Ozone 7: Essential Mastering Tools


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Upgrade from Nectar Elements: Improvements, innovations, and a whole new class of audio processing make this the best Ozone release yet.
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With the latest release of Ozone 7, iZotope built on Ozone’s reputation for superior sound quality and industry-standard audio mastering tools for the biggest single-release expansion of Ozone’s capabilities yet.

Ozone 7 is a great upgrade from previous versions of Ozone, with many improvements and a whole new class of processing. Produce a full, polished sound with the critically acclaimed set of tools optimized specifically for the needs of mastering and mixing professionals.

Intelligent Release Control for the win

Ozone’s highly regarded Maximizer is a mastering limiter that’s key to any workflow. The IRC™ (Intelligent Release Control) algorithm that the Maximizer uses is the best limiting and maximizing algorithm available.

For Ozone 7, the Maximizer has gotten an upgrade and features the new IRC IV algorithm with frequency-specific spectral-shaping operation, so that the limiter doesn't have to work as hard. This results in even more transparent mixes with less pumping at higher volumes — ideal for when you need to tame the kick drum peaks without causing vocals to pump.

You get a Dynamic EQ! And you get a Dynamic EQ!

The Dynamic EQ that iZotope introduced in Ozone 6 is now available in both the standard and Advanced versions of Ozone 7. Dynamic EQ has become integral to mastering processing, and it allows for finer control over your audio by integrating the precision of an equalizer and the musical ballistics of a compressor, all in one processor. It truly lives and breathes with your music, and we’re excited to make that capability accessible to both Ozone’s advanced users and those who are just starting to dip their toes into mastering.

Packed with new DSP

iZotope prides themselves on distilling the best aspects of signal processing into the tools they build, bringing them forward into the modern music production environment. With that mindset, one of the big goals of this release was to deliver powerful new digital signal processing (DSP) to the mastering chain.

For Ozone 7 Advanced, iZotope developed four new vintage modules that let you add vibe and character to mixes and masters. The addition of vintage processing represents a new balance for Ozone between being a utility tool and being a creative piece of the workflow — and gives music producers and mastering engineers the processing options they need to take their music in whatever direction they’d like.

Glue a mix together, control dynamic range, and add deep, rich character with the new vintage modules: Vintage Limiter in both versions of Ozone 7, plus the Vintage EQ, Vintage Compressor, and Vintage Tape in Ozone 7 Advanced.

NEW Vintage Limiter

iZotope has heard such a positive response to the Tube mode that they added to the Maximizer earlier this year in our free Ozone 6.1 update. For Ozone 7, iZotope wanted to make it even better, so they’ve expanded Tube mode into its own Vintage Limiter module — then they added both a faster and a slower setting for more flexibility and more possibilities.

NEW Vintage EQ

The unique Vintage EQ in Ozone 7 Advanced digitally models the qualities of Pultec hardware equalizers in a natural-sounding module that’s great for brightening a mix and smoothing out boxy low end. With the richness and color of analog paired with accurate fidelity and time-domain equalization, Vintage EQ lets you add body to your digital recordings without the tonal sharpness often associated with a standard digital equalizer.

NEW Vintage Tape

iZotope worked hard to make the new Vintage Tape module in Ozone 7 Advanced be truer to tape than other software emulations in the past. For that approach, they had to first understand the things that people respond to about tape, like warmth, subtle compression, and subtle saturation.

Vintage Tape gives you all of those qualities without modeling the less desireable hiss, wow and flutter, or other deficiencies that are apparent in hardware tape machines. That choice makes Vintage Tape a more subtle but also more authentic and rich representation of what tape is actually doing to your sound — taking the great aspects that people love while not being limited by the side-effects of the hardware itself.

If tape were invented today, the Vintage Tape module in Ozone 7 Advanced is how it would sound.

NEW Vintage Compressor

Vintage Compressor is a single-band compression module for subtle warming and sweetening effects that is available in Ozone 7 Advanced. The program-dependent release tailors attack and release shapes that are dependent on your source material, making them adapt more naturally to your music. The mode control gives you flexibility to range between a very reactive, dirty compressor and a smooth, velvety buss leveler. Thicken the midrange, tighten and round out the lows, and let the top sparkle.

Audition your sound

iZotope is also excited to bring Codec Preview to Ozone 7 Advanced for a real-time glimpse of how your master will sound through industry-standard codecs before you export. Codec Preview lets you choose the desired bitrate to hear the difference it makes on your audio right within Ozone. With the “Solo Codec Artifacts” button you can hear what the encoding is removing from your sound, so you can then make any adjustments and improve the final output.

New Export Formats in both the standard and Advanced versions of Ozone let you choose the file format for export from MP3, WAV, AIFF, and AAC. You no longer need to output and then use a separate MP3 converter, instead you can export your digital formats directly from your working files. You can also easily add metadata before export, including track name, band name, album, name, and more.

Master with confidence

With the professionally designed comprehensive bank of Ozone 7 presets, you can quickly achieve authentic sounds for any genre and style. Use Ozone with confidence even if you’re just starting to learn your way around the mastering workflow. Load Ozone, scroll through the presets, and select the one that has the best results for your track. Plus, for Ozone 7 iZotope included the Signature Greg Calbi Mastering Presets within the Ozone installer, rather than as a separate download.

Mix and match your mastering chain

With the new processing added to Ozone’s already impressive set of tools, you can build a custom high-tech new mastering chain. Mix-and-match components in the signal chain, going from fully modern to fully vintage to anywhere in between. Having those options all in one place gives you more flexibility in your workflow.

Ozone’s capabilities and controls can be dazzling, but we’ve worked hard to bring an elegance and sophistication to the experience and to make Ozone intuitive to use and learn. Ozone is packed with a powerful set of tools that are capable of great complexity but that are also scalable for the exact needs of your music productions. Use as much or as little as you need to honor your signature sound.

Upgrade to Ozone 7 and get the new Ozone processing.

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