Magic Bullet Looks Customer Upgrade
Magic Bullet Looks Customer UpgradeMagic Bullet Looks Customer UpgradeMagic Bullet Looks Customer UpgradeMagic Bullet Looks Customer UpgradeMagic Bullet Looks Customer Upgrade


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Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks
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Beautiful color finishing that’s faster than ever

Whether you’re matching existing footage or adding that warm Hollywood glow, Magic Bullet Looks 2.5 works with your favorite editor to transform the look of your footage in seconds. Use the hundreds of professionally designed presets as is, or use the Looks tools to powerfully manipulate color and light. Skin scopes make your talent look good. A new S-curve tool gives you fine contrast control, letting you “shoot flat” and apply punch in post. A new LUT tool adds BulletProof compatibility, allowing you to bring color settings from the set to your edit suite. Version 2.5 boasts major speed improvements, faster previews, and improved integration with host applications.

What's New

  • Free upgrade. Version 2.5 of Magic Bullet Looks is a free update for 2.0 users, with new tools and interface improvements. Download here. (Magic Bullet Looks 1.x users need to purchase the Upgrade)
  • It's faster. An incredible speed boost of up to 50% over Looks 2. An updated GPU engine includes support for newer chips plus systems with Intel integrated graphics, such as the MacBook Air.
  • New LUT Tool. Make and move color decision between apps, including our new BulletProof footage prep application.
  • New S-Curve tool. A simple, elegant way to "shoot flat" in Log or Pseudo-Log formats, and squeeze the maximum contrast out of your image in post.
  • Better host app integration. Looks now appears as a single dialog within the host app, eliminating the confusion of app switching.
  • Choose looks faster. Get a full-resolution preview whenever you mouse over a Look.

Reasons To Buy

  • Plays well with others. A new LUT tool from BulletProof, and a new code base that makes Looks run smoother, we’ve taken another step in making your favorite Red Giant apps work together.
  • Share looks between apps. A single version of Looks 2.5 works in most hosts, including After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Vegas Pro, Motion, and Media Composer. Now it’s easy to share presets and LUTs.
  • Now part of Color Suite. Looks 2.5 is available in Red Giant Color Suite, our new set of essential tools for color correction, finishing & looks. Owners of Looks get a discounted upgrade to the new Color Suite and Shooter Suite.
  • Start to finish. Design a look that can be used throughout post-production, from pre-vis to edit to the final master.
  • Huge library of presets. Our professionally designed presets will kickstart your video or film. Inspired by real-world projects and problems, and tested in commercial projects.
  • Sophisticated tools. Fine-tune your own Looks with Video Out preview, 3-Way color correction, selective color adjustment, S-curve contrast control, Hue/Lightness and Hue/Saturation scopes, a LUT tool, and Cosmo skin smoothing.

Use color to tell your story

Looks 2.5 has something for everyone: inspirational presets for beginning designers and hardcore tools for colorists who want to build their own looks. Use Looks to add warmth to a wedding video shot on a cloudy day or design a palette for the next Sundance original. Version 2.5 lets you import a LUT created on set in BulletProof and extend it with additional Looks tools such as diffusion, vignette, or shutter streaks.
imaging tools

New tools make sharing easier

Looks lets you define the style of your video or film. Transform raw footage from your camera with a few clicks to make it look its best. We've added helpful tools from the Color Suite family like the new LUT tool taken from LUT Buddy and a brand new S-Curve tool for managing contrast. Once you’ve modified a preset from our comprehensive library, you can easily share it -- just email it to a colleague.

Blistering speeds and under-the-hood improvements

The same powerful tools as Looks 2, now up to 50% faster, thanks to enhanced CPU/GPU handling that optimizes performance. The Looks engine now supports even the Intel integrated graphics processor on a MacBook Air, while users on high-end workstations will notice more dramatic improvements. Video Out adds an interactive preview on external devices such as those from Black Magic or AJA.


Easy-to-use interface
Magic Bullet Looks 2.5 is the most intuitive color finishing tool on the market today. Get in, choose a preset look, tweak it a bit, and get on with your workflow. Feedback is instantaneous with real-time previews — no need to wait for a long render.

100+ great presets
A huge library of professionally designed presets, organized by category, are waiting to jump-start your project. Use these presets to set the mood of an interview or documentary, apply practical fixes for lens distortion and lighting problems, or create stylized looks inspired by Hollywood movies. Use a preset when you need inspiration or as the starting point for your own custom looks.

Color grading features from Colorista II
Looks borrows powerful features from Colorista II so you can color grade as you design your treatments. The Colorista 3 Way tool lets you precisely control the shadows, midtones and highlights of an image. The Ranged HSL tool allows you to fine-tune individual colors. No need to leave Looks to access Colorista’s tools.

Speedy output and playback
The latest version delivers a speed boost of up to 95% over Looks 2. An updated GPU engine includes support for the latest GPUs from AMD and NVIDIA, as well as Intel integrated graphics such as the MacBook Air. An updated engine and plugins ensures that HD footage plays smoothly in Final Cut Pro X and Premiere Pro.

Unique tools transcend color grading
Looks boasts unique tools that go beyond the capabilities of your host application or dedicated grading software.Tools include Anamorphic Flare, which emulates internal lens reflection; Haze/Flare that mimics light spill and bounce; Diffusion, which adds a diffuse glow, and Shutter Streak, which simulates the look of light leaking into the bottom and top of the film because of a misaligned film gate.

Go big with high-resolution output and render farm support
Looks handles larger formats with ease. Looks 2.5 can process video in SD, HD, 2K, 4K and even the 6K Red Dragon format on a simple laptop, thanks to the combination CPU/GPU engine. The GPU engine delivers interactive and instantaneous updates and can output results quickly on a single machine. For really big jobs, use the CPU engine on a render farm.

Multiple host support — no need for another finishing app
Looks 2.5 lets you refine and create looks easily right inside your choice of host app. Magic Bullet Looks works seamlessly as a plug-in for popular applications including After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Motion, Sony Vegas and Avid Media Composer on OS X and Windows. Because Looks runs inside your host app, you don’t need worry about the complexity of moving your project to a dedicated finishing application.

Video Out for professional monitoring
Video Mirroring lets you use Video Out to preview a single frame to an external monitor or other device with near-realtime feedback. Direct hardware support for AJA and Black Magic cards on Mac and Windows let you use calibrated grading monitors. We support QuickTime Video Out on OS X, so Looks 2.5 will work with most any device.

Skin-tone tools flatter your talent
The Cosmo tool makes skin tones look their best by subtly adjusting color and smoothness to correct cosmetic flaws. A pre-defined mask function isolates the results so they’re just applied to faces or other skin tone areas. In addition, the Skin scope shows you which areas of color are the correct values, giving you great-looking talent without hours of retouching.

Color Communication
Make and move color decisions between apps easily, including our new BulletProof footage prep application. Import a LUT created on set in BulletProof or other grading applications, and extend it with additional Looks tools. The new S-Curve contrast tool gives you a simple and elegant way to “shoot flat” in Log or Pseudo-Log formats, and squeeze the maximum contrast out of your image afterwards in Looks.

Apple Macintosh

  • Mac OS X 10.7.2 and later
  • Mac OS X 10.8
  • Mac OS X 10.9
  • Mac OS X 10.10
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 30 MB of Hard Drive space

PC / Windows

  • Windows 7 64-bit
  • Windows 8 64-bit
  • Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or faster (or AMD equivalent)
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 30 MB of Hard Drive space

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