Video ToolKit (Win)
Video ToolKit (Win)


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NewBlueFX’s Video Toolkit contains a powerful collection of effects transitions and color correction tools
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The NewBlue FX Video Toolkit is a special promotional bundle available for purchase with any G-Technology Storage Solution. This special bundle price is available for a limited time only when you purchase at the same time with a drive.

NewBlueFX’s Video Toolkit contains a powerful collection of effects transitions and color correction tools carefully selected to complement the workflow of event videographers, action sports productions, as well as independent and documentary film makers. NewBlue Video Toolkit works where you work to help get the job done faster. Transport viewers from scene to scene with light and motion. Balance color efficiently while you enhance and stylize your video. Give your projects a distinctive edge with the over 40 plugins and 500 presets of NewBlue Video Toolkit.

Major features:

  • 100% GPU accelerated

  • 5+ design presets

  • Primary and secondary color correction 30 essential plugins including; Old TV, Skin Touch Up, Lens Corrector, and Background Generator

  • 20 powerful transitions including; Roll, Smear, Scanner, Traveling Rays, and Zoom

  • 5 creative plugins to transform your digital footage into traditional film.

Video Toolkit includes:

ColorFast: ColorFast brings an innovative, intuitive approach to color correction and grading. Its Spectra Color Isolating Technology™ allows for easy manipulation of highlights, mid-tones, and shadows independently. ColorFast’s shape mask and skin preservation tools adjust the mood of the scene while preserving the natural skin tones and colors of a specified region. This streamlined workflow unites primary and secondary color correction, saving valuable time. MSRP $149.95

Effects: Film Effects transforms your digital footage into film with 5 plugins and 81 presets that recreate the look of hand-cranked cameras, dirty projectors, and the unique color and lighting characteristics of aged film stock. MSRP $129.95

Light Blends: Light Blends electrifies your story with over 138 presets in 10 plugins including Glow Pro, Light Bender, Neon Lights, and Psycho Strobe. These light-based scene transitions give you the tools to add vivid impact to your video with light flairs, orbs, rays, strobes, glowing blasts, and more. MSRP $149.95

Motion Blends: Motion Blends adds action to your scene transitions with 112 style presets in 10 specialized plugins, including Liquify, Shear, Smear, and Zoom. Swirl, melt, roll, shake and shred in and out of scenes with this immersive collection. MSRP $149.95

Video Essentials IV: Video Essentials IV transforms your footage with over 100 presets in 10 plugins including Drop Shadow, Fish Eye, Slideshow, Magnifying Glass and Luma Key. Turn your day into night, create reflections, produce a photo slideshow from video, retouch skin, and overlay a running clock timer. MSRP $129.95

Video Essentials V: Video Essentials V makes adjusting, composing and creating easier than ever with over 100 presets in 10 video plugins including Alpha Processor, Color Fixer Pro, Progressive Stretch, and View Finder. Generate backgrounds, fix color balance, create an old tv look, and highlight certain areas of film with selective focus, color, and tint. MSRP $129.95

Total Bundled Software Value $839.74

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