NewTek U Product Automation Online Class

NewTek U Product Automation Online Class

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Short Description:

In this class students will learn the methods of control and automation available to TriCaster systems. The class starts with an in-depth instruction on the macro system. Additional topics will include triggering macros via different mechanisms and training with the LivePanel Builder. Extending the macro system using NDI commands and with External command line tools will also be presented, with ready to be used workflows delivered as part of the course. Finally, the class will examine how to use the HTTP API available in the TriCaster, and other NewTek products, to build web-based applications, with all code for writing this application provided in class. While not a requirement, a basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript is recommended.


Course topics include:

  • The Macro System
  • Macro Triggers
  • Tablet/LivePanel Control
  • NDI Commands
  • TriCaster Web Control API
  • Controlling Other Products
  • Advanced Web Control
  • EXT Commands

When you enroll in this course, you will have access for 180 days.

Class Version - December 2020

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