Sapphire, Mocha Pro Bundle for Avid Only Legacy Upgrade
VideoGuys Part # (SKU): SMAVXL
Features: Sapphire and Mocha Pro
Sapphire: The essential visual effects suite
Mocha Pro plug-in: Academy Award-winning planar tracking & masking software
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Features: Continuum and Mocha Pro
Continuum: The world's most complete plug-in toolkit
Mocha Pro plug-in: Academy Award-winning planar tracking & masking software

* Continuum CompleteContinuum Complete is the Swiss Army Knife of Visual Effects, giving compositors and editors the most complete and useful plug-in suite ever created. Over 200 plug-in filters include 3D Objects, image restoration tools, time-based effects such as Optical Stabilizer, distortion and perspective effects such as UpRez, generators such as Snow, Rain, and Fire, lights such as Glint, Glare, and Glitter, wipe transitions, keys and mattes including Motion Key for automated foreground object removal, colors and blurs, and film, glow, and cartoon effects.
* Mocha Promocha is award winning tracking software developed by Imagineer Systems. Built upon a renowned Planar Tracking image engine, mocha follows ""pixel patterns"" through the most difficult conditions including objects that go off-screen, objects that are partially obscured, even out of focus footage. This technology drives Imagineer Systems' products and is licensed to technology partners. Editors, colorists and effects artists worldwide use their tools for:
* Tracking graphics, cell phones & screen inserts
* Roto masking to isolate, correct and layer
* Object Removal, clean plates & digital beauty work
* Camera and image stabilization
* 3D Camera Tracking and animation