Titler Pro 3.0 Upgrade
Titler Pro 3.0 Upgrade


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NewBlue Titler Pro creates professional 2D and 3D video titles in your timeline with speed and efficiency
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NewBlue Titler Pro creates professional 2D and 3D video titles in your timeline with speed and efficiency. Supports Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, FCP, FCPX, Avid, Sony Vegas & Grass Valley Edius.

NewBlue Titler Pro 3 delivers the video titling solution that works the way you work.

Offering professionals aesthetics and an efficient workflow, Titler Pro 3 brings you breakthrough speed and cutting-edge designs, making it easier than ever to design dynamic titles, lower thirds and rolling credits in a fraction of the time.

Building on the dynamic animations, 3D custom bevels, and EPS file support of the previous version, Titler Pro 3 adds 13 new features, including the Quick Edit title manager, elastic timeline, and normal-map-textured materials.

Accelerate your workflow while creating sophisticated titling designs with Titler Pro 3.

New Features in Titler 3 include:

  • Quick Edit Panel

  • Elastic Timeline

  • Full Background Video Playback

  • Layer Blending Modes

  • Depth-of-Field Lens Control

  • Normal-Map-Textured Materials

  • Paragraph Multi-Select

  • Video and Still File Export with Alpha

  • Multi-Revolution Counts on Keyframes

  • Stand Alone App Option

  • Stereoscopic 3D output

  • Export/import of Project Packages

  • Full Project Template Section in Library

Titler Pro Features:

  • Sony plugin in OpenFX

  • 2D and 3D fonts

  • Drag-n-drop animations (relative timing)

  • Character styles presets

  • Paragraph styles presets

  • Raster-based effects

  • Raster-based transitions

  • Animation-based effects

  • Animation-based transitions

  • 100% GPU accelerated

  • Real-time preview of library presets

  • Import of images for textures

  • Dynamic animations without the hassle of key-framing

  • Unique character styles combining the power of both 2D and 3D effects (render technology)

  • 100% GPU accelerated

  • Extensible through the entire library of NewBlue effects and transitions

  • Custom 3D Bevels – Create a unique bevel on any style layer to maximize

  • 3D impact Wide angle – Adjust the camera lens of the scene for extreme or subtle perspective

  • Video import – Add video as a 3D picture-in-picture or as background elements

  • Video as texture – Apply video as a texture to any style layer or shape for dynamic compositions

  • Custom texture position – Now adjust the position, scale and size of any image or video texture

  • True motion blur – Output smooth, realistic motion titles at the time of render

  • Multiple light sources – Create the perfect mood and space for your titles with lighting control

  • Light Keyframing – Manipulate three different kinds of lights in space with keyframes

  • Material shine control – Dial in the perfect amount of surface shine for each style layer

  • New multi-point shape – Design stars, bursts and radial objects with this new vector shape

  • EPS file support – Import vector files and extrude them for 3D logos and custom objects

  • Text-to-text transitions - Now use any NewBlue transition to morph one text into another using transitions between paragraphs

Titler Pro After Effects Version Additional Features:

  • After Effects Environment Immersion

  • After Effects Camera Control Integration

  • After Effects Multiple Light Source Integration

  • After Effects Camera Depth-of-Field Control

  • 3D Intelligent Obscuration with AE Layers

Compatible With:

  • Apple FCP X

  • Avid Media Composer

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Grass Valley EDIUS Pro

  • SONY Vegas Pro


Create beautiful, complex and compelling 3D and 2D title graphics through a fast and intuitive workspace. Tap into rich styles and dynamic animations, which will enliven your production with a quick to learn interface for immediate, stunning results.

Improve Your Workflow — The Titler For The Professional Editor’s Schedule
NewBlue Titler Pro is designed to improve and simplify your workflow; it’s the titling solution designed with the professional editor in mind. No need to outsource your title graphics–Titler Pro gives you quick-access, sophisticated animations with professional styles, effects and transitions.

The intuitive user interface of Titler Pro, as a plug-in, seamlessly blends with the NLE workflow you’re already used to plus there is no need to switch back and forth between applications (unless you want to).

Faster with GPU-accelerated effects and transitions
Titler Pro lets you work in real-time, preview styles with one click, playback your sequences quickly and render titles in record time. NewBlue’s GPU-accelerated effects and transitions [coming soon] use your computer resources efficiently, freeing up processing power for everything else in the background.

Make quick adjustments in real-time and customize on the fly
The NewBlue sliders are uncomplicated and designed to allow quick adjustments in real-time, so you can customize on the fly. The Drag-n-drop animations, professional style templates, effects and transitions, means you can instantly create animations for same-day edits. You can utilize our base of professionally-designed templates or quickly create and customize your own. The ability to save custom presets means you can use your custom template at a later date.

Create Rich, Sophisticated Animations
When it comes to designing titles you’re invariably going to be doing a lot of animating and part of that process includes creating timelines, key framing, and using motion graphics in a lot of different ways. Titler Pro is set up to handle the complexities of animation sequences with both style and grace. With the ability to import raster-based graphics onto your animations and to apply organic raster effects, you can get stunning 3D titles.

Vast Array of High-Quality NewBlueFX Effects and Filters
Titler Pro comes with a set of rich styles, effects and filters for you to start creating stunning titles. Plus, editors can easily expand their library directly from Titler Pro with access to hundreds of additional premium GPU-accelerated NewBlueFX effects and filters available for a free trial.
NewBlueFX offers select bundles such as the Creative Bundle and Essentials Bundle, or stock up on all our plugins for the maximum value on our premium GPU products. Used by industry professionals worldwide, NewBlueFX are famous for their quick, easy controls, the ability to save custom styles, and an abundance of presets.

Recommended System Requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows® XP (SP 3 or later)
  • Windows Vista® (SP 2 or later), or Windows 7
  • Mac OS X v 10.6.8, v10.7.2 or later
  • 1 GHz processor (multicore or multiprocessor CPU recommended for HD)
  • OpenGL 2.1-capable graphics card and minimum 256MB graphics memory.
    512MB or higher recommended for HD.
  • 200 MB hard-disk space for installation
  • 1 GB RAM (2 GB RAM recommended for HD)

Compatible With:

  • Apple FCP X
  • Avid Media Composer & Symphony 6+ 
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, 6.5 and CC
  • Adobe After Effects 4.0+
  • Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 7
  • SONY Vegas Pro 10+ (64 bit OpenX)
  • Blackmagic Davinci Resolve

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