Lightstar Lighting

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  1. iKan
    MFR Part #LS-1200TE

    The Lightstar 1200 Watt HMI Fresnel Kit provides the powerful light you need when the sun isn’t working in your favor.


    MSRP: $4199
  2. iKan
    MFR Part #LS-575PE

    Crisp, clear and balanced Daylight lighting is achievable with the Lightstar 575 Watt HMI Par Kit. More

    MSRP: $5249
  3. iKan
    MFR Part #LS-575TE

    The Light Star 575 Watt HMI Freshnel Kit delivers the color of the sun to your fingertips! From spot to flood lighting, it provides all the necessary daylight control.


    MSRP: $4199
  4. iKan
    MFR Part #LS-575SPX

    The Lightstar Super Spot Light HMI delivers a clean, clear Daylight look. Its aluminum alloy chassis provides quick heat release while the five lens set allows you to focus the light in any direction.


    MSRP: $2099