10 Final Cut Pro things FCP editors might be missing in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

Editblog on PVC by Scott Simmons

These are a few of the things that I found myself searching for as I’ve been moving over to Premiere Pro CS6 as a FCP 7 replacement

Adobe is making a big play for Final Cut Pro users with their CS6 release of Premiere Pro. It’s vastly improved over the Premiere Pro of old and is a lot like Final Cut Pro. There’s even a keyboard shortcut layout for Final Cut Pro users. But it is a totally different application than our old Final Cut friend and some things you’re used to in Final Cut Pro either aren’t there or just work differently. Figure out the differences and work with the changes as Premiere Pro CS6 is a great application … and as we all know Final Cut Pro 7 isn’t going to get any better.

option + up and down arrow doesn’t move clips up or down a layer in the timeline

Final Cut Pro editors love the keyboard quickie of option up and down arrow. Select items in the timeline and hitting those key combos will move items up or down a track at a time provided there aren’t other clips in the way. This doesn’t happen in Premiere Pro CS6. I wish it did as it’s a very nice shortcut that is fast and keeps things in perfect sync as there is no mouse involved.

Crop is a filter

Final Cut Pro editors are used to having edge cropping built right into the Motion tab as a part of the inherent attributes of every clip. This isn’t the case in Premiere Pro CS6. Crop is a filter that has to be applied from the Effects tab. Unfortunately there is no feather option on the crop and using the Edge Feather effect doesn’t feather the crop, only the original edge. Of course you could Dynamic Link over to After Effects and do all the cropping and feathering you can imagine I suppose. Other things like Distort and Drop Shadow are available in PPro as effects as well. read more...

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