10 MORE Filmmaking & Cinematography Sites You Should Be Reading

Premiumbeat by Clay Asbury

These 10 filmmaking sites, ranging from the creative to the technical, will help you step up your game!

The following 10 sites represent more of the best online resources to improve your skills and keep updated with the filmmaking industry. Some of the sites focus on gear, some on process, some on both. The list is in no certain order. These are all great sites by people passionate about filmmaking and cinematography – be sure to bookmark them!

If you have a favorite filmmaking website (or know one that didn’t make these lists) be sure to list it in the comments below!

The Black and Blue
Black & Blue offers real world tips for camera assistants but if you are wearing a lot of hats (doing a lot with little money) it will help you too. Subjects range from practical camera tips to taxes for freelancers. Check out the free practical ebook on breaking into the film industry.

Indie Tips
Indie Tips has articles/news/tutorials on the complete filmmaking process (writing, directing/producing, cinematography, editing). This is a good starting point for those new to the industry and or those who work on a variety of projects (indie, corporate, event). I am a fan of the Audio section, which offers practical tips on working with production music and sound. read more...

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