10 Things I wish I knew the first time I opened Premiere Pro

Post Tips by Clay Asbury

I wrote a version of this for FCP 7 last year in 2 parts that is on the La FCP Users Group site.

AS FCP 7 is EOL and I am working mainly with Premiere Pro and Avid these days, I decided it was time for an update.

  1. Set your Project Location & Scratch Disk when you create a new Project.

By Default your Project and Media (Scratch Disk) are being saved to user/documents/Adobe/Premiere Pro. I save my media/projects to a Media Folder on my media drive. I put my Premiere Auto-Saves on my boot drive and back up the projects to Dropbox (free online storage of 2 GB) daily. You could also save your Projects to a separate location. Whatever you choose, back up your Projects. If you forget or need to change your scratch after launching the project, go to Project>Project Settings>Scratch Disk. Side Note – there is a great free piece of software that will help you with organization called Post Haste

2. Create your own Workspaces.

Create your own Workspace to work more efficiently. I suggest starting with the Workspaces that ship with Premiere Pro, and modifying those as needed. read more...

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