10 Tips for Great Holiday Video


Ah, Holiday memories.

Like the time you think your dad told a hilarious story– but you can’t hear him on the video. Or the time young Sarah– or was it Matthew?– kept talking about “Santa Paws”. Hard to tell which, because whoever’s face is too dark to see. And let’s not even talk about the video you shot of the lights and place settings and decorations and presents and…um…hardly any people at all.

Shouldn’t your Holiday video bring back memories… of the Holiday? Of course it should. And from now on it will. Just follow these 10 tips for great holiday video:

1. Spare us the scenery: Holidays are about memories, and memories are about people. In ten years, nobody’s going to beg you to haul out “that great video—you know, the one with the fireplace and logs and stuff!” But the one where Eric got Gretchen that sexy underwear and she poured eggnog over his head? You’ll play that one a lot. Lovely place settings, the tree, the outside of the house decked with menorahs—each good for a maximum of 3 seconds of screen time.

2. Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes: If our memories are about people, people are about their faces. We don’t just talk with our faces, we show our complete personalities with what goes on in our eyes, our foreheads, those creases around our mouths. Remember the face, and you’ll remember the time. Another reason to focus on faces– your 4-year old daughter’s face will be completely different next year. And, sadly, so will yours. read more...

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