10 Tips for Live Streaming from Telestream Blog

Telestream recently blogged ten tips for live streaming and it's a great guideline. In our experience, all of the tips are important in getting a live production down- pat, but #3, #6 and #10 are tops! If you need live production gear, you'll definitely want to check out our store. We've got options for all kinds of budgets and expertise, including these bundle specials: Read on for Telestream's expert advice:
streaming tips

3. Test, Test, then Test Again

Going live with a stream without testing it first is like jumping off a bridge without checking how deep the water is. It could go swimmingly, or you might just bounce off some sharp rocks. Set up a test stream where you run through a mock broadcast with all the bells and whistles. Check your lights, cameras and microphones all while watching the stream on a separate computer. To see your broadcast as a viewer will see it can give you valuable insight into what must be changed, and what is working well. The nature of live streaming means that any number of things can go wrong at any moment, but by troubleshooting your problems before the stream starts, you can be sure that there will be less instances of trouble...[continue to the full article]

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