10 Ways your Business can use Epiphan Products for Live Video Streaming

Epiphan creates high end products perfect for every video setting. From a sporting event all the way to corporate video.

The company recently released a great article breaking down ten essential tips for any business looking to integrate live video. We're going to break down some highlights from these tips.

1) Workforce Training

Corporate video is great for any workforce training program. This method can be very effective. Video clips can be reused, updated and accessed by an employee at any time.

2) Executive Messages to Employees

Video is also an excellent way to send out a mass message to a large number of employees. While head executives in a corporate office can often seem distant or unapproachable, live video is a great way to break down these barriers. This is also a great way to deliver a company message or updates.

3) Virtual Town Hall/ All Hands Meetings

For any company wide or "town hall meetings" live video has a place. These meetings can often be difficult to organize, particularly if one company has employees in various locations. However, a virtual all hands meeting may be the answer to this problem.

With one live feed reaching each location, organizing an all hands meeting has never been easier. And Epiphan's live streaming systems are here to help.

4) Internal Webcasts

For business, internal communication tools are key. Internal webcasts and live streams are perfect for this use. This includes employee recognition segments, special events, meetings, department updates and more.

5) Employee-Generated Content

Any growing company generates a certain amount of stress. It is important to leave some room for fun. Employee moral and productivity can be increased by encouraging creativity and social interaction.

One great way to cultivate this atmosphere is to create a live video initiative. Employees can get creative, and show their individual personalities in their live streams.

6) Product Reveals

Building customer excitement for a new product is extremely important for any retail based business. This applies to every company from small businesses all the way to giants like apple or google.

Epiphan holds virtual webinars and product spots online via their website and youtube channel, much like videoguys.com.

7) Virtual Conferences and Even Coverage

Virtual conferences are a business communication technique that have been gaining a lot of traction in the industry. Instead of gathering large numbers of people into one conference room, and accommodating everybody's physical travel needs- a virtual meeting via live video is a great work around.

8) Webinars and Product Training

This technique will be familiar to anybody who reads this blog. Videoguys hosts a product webinar every Tuesday, featuring all of the newest products and technologies. It is a great way to educate numerous customers about new information at one time.

Check out one of our recent webinars on the Epiphan Peal Mini below.

Epiphan also features a webinars of their own on their website. Check out one of their recent webinars below.

9) Investor Updates

Investor/company communication is an essential part of any well run business. Companies must present themselves on the highest professional level, as to ensure the investors confidence. Live streaming events online are a great method to achieve this end.

10) Company Vlogs and Live Shows

Depending on the company, community outreach can be very important for building a customer base. Vlogs and live shows are key.

Check out some of the content released by Epiphan in this regard below.

Check out the full article from Epiphan to learn more.

Learn more about Epiphan HERE

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