Canopus Edius NX $825.00 after rebate Edius NX Powerful Real-time DV Editing, Ready for HD When You Are You may have heard that you can get real-time editing performance today, with a reasonably powerful PC and “real-time† editing software. While this is true, just how much real-time performance you get and whether that performance will meet your workflow needs are still critical questions. As you add complexity to your video projects, incorporating multiple layers of video with keyers such as Picture-in-Picture, more demanding transitions, numerous effects and several filters, real-time preview and playback performance can diminish. Moreover, software-based NLEs do not provide a means of constant real-time output to a video monitor – a vital component in the serious editor’s workflow. At Canopus, they believe that for professional applications, you need end-to-end real-time performance. EDIUS NX offers the best possible real-time analog and DV editing experience from start to finish. The onboard DV codec chip built into the EDIUS NX baseboard delivers exceptionally high quality analog and digital video input with specialized audio/video synchronization technology, filtering analog input during the capture process to clean up footage as much as possible. Since EDIUS NX does not feature hardware effects chipsets, the included EDIUS Pro 3 software scales up real-time effects performance automatically when you add more power to your CPU. Furthermore, EDIUS NX gives you real-time, full quality, full frame rate analog and DV output, which allows you to preview your work in progress on the type of display on which it will ultimately be seen — a video display. Most importantly, while EDIUS NX is an excellent choice for high-quality SD editing, it’s also ready for HD when you are. If you plan to work with HD formats in the future, such as HDV, but don’t want to limit your options with a conventional SD-only system, get EDIUS NX now and add the HD Expansion Kit for EDIUS NX (sold separately) at any time. EDIUS NX with HD Expansion Kit $1350 after rebate Edius NX HDV Seamless Real-time Workflow Handles Any Mix of HD/SD Let the groundbreaking EDIUS NX with HD Expansion Kit take you to the world of high definition video production. Use any mix of HD and SD video content; work with unlimited video, audio, title and graphics layers and any combination of real-time effects; and, most importantly, preview your work in progress in high-quality, full resolution — in real-time — on the type of video monitor on which it is intended to be displayed — even HDTV. Many of the HDV editing systems currently available compromise video quality in order to provide real-time editing functionality. EDIUS NX with HD Expansion Kit delivers genuine real-time HD resolution editing including full quality, full frame rate HD output — to an HD video monitor — from the timeline. Two important workflow benefits are derived from a genuine real-time HDV editing system like EDIUS NX with HD Expansion Kit: 1. No rendering is required to preview edited sequences; results are displayed instantaneously — on HD video monitors. 2. The original video and audio data can be preserved at every step of the editing process. You can always be assured that the format you start with is exactly what will be delivered. This eliminates any guesswork when applying the multitude of real-time effects featured with the system. Click here for more Edius NX info and to download the $100 Mail in rebate coupon

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