12 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Vegas 8

WebVideoUniverse By Troy Dreier Sony's esteemed professional editing app has just been upgraded, but how can you get the most out of it? With this batch of useful tips for Vegas's new features, brought to you by your friends at Web Video Universe, naturally. To bring you the insider's perspective, we spoke to Vegas 8 project manager Matt Brohn and asked for the secret tips he found useful. With the new features in Vegas 8, he says the product is more than ever a complete editing solution. "The Vegas development team took a good look at the market because we wanted to provide tools and solutions that meet real-world production needs. Vegas Pro 8 achieves that goal. I expect that more and more editors will use Vegas Pro 8 as a single editing application for their projects from start to finish," Brohn says.
  1. Make Blu-ray Disks Without a Blu-ray Drive With Vegas, high-definition delivery isn't limited to streaming formats or high-definition formats on hard disk. In addition to normal Blu-ray disc burning with Blu-ray burners and discs, the Vegas Pro 8.0a update now available on the Sony Creative Software Web site provides the ability to burn a high-definition image with a standard DVD burner. The 8.0a update allows users to select a DVD-recordable drive in the “burn Blu-ray disc† dialog to create a disc for playback on a Sony PlayStation 3 system and many set-top Blu-ray players.
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