17 Reasons Why Your Mac Runs Slower Than it Should

ChrisWrites By Christopher Lee

Desktop Day by day, bit by bit your Mac has got slower and slower. You don’t really notice because it has happened so gradually.

Until one day you have a chance to use another machine, that’s when you realize what your beloved Mac has become, as slow as an asthmatic ant carrying some heavy shopping.

Well all is not lost, while this list is unlikely to make you mac into a speed demon overnight, one of the following suggestions may just help.

Cluttered Desktop

Having too many files and folders on your desktop can slowdown your machine. Put these files into folders in your home directory and create aliases to them on the desktop.

Corrupt Preference Files

Preference files can easily become corrupt and can make programs act weird or run slowly. If your Mac is slow using a particular application you can try deleting its preference file and relaunching he app (applications create a new file when they are relaunched if they can’t find an existing one). It’s worth making a backup of the old file just i case you lose some settings that are hard to replicate. read more...

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