20+ Rogue Plugins and Tools for Final Cut Pro X

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Tony asks: With previous versions of Final Cut Pro there were tons of plugins and tools to enhance the software. Where did they all go? With Final Cut Pro X it seems like you just purchase and download with no plugin support. What gives? Any resources or a tool that can make the transition to what I payed thousands of dollars for?

Answer: Amidst the excitement for the dramatic FCPX release, it’s still ‘not ready for professional use’ which keeps Apple tight lipped about any 3rd party plugins or enhancements.

Graeme Nattress, one of the best known NLE software developers, has not heard a peep from Apple – complete silence. Nada, zilch, zippo. And developers are always the first to know. It’s therefore highly unlikely that any old plugins will work in FCPX on the day of – or after this first release until Apple gets things in order and gives the official green light.

If you depend on third party plugins, we recommend that you keep a copy of FCP7 on your system for serious work and use the time to get to grips with the new UI of FCPX.

In the meantime, some die-hard Final Cut Pro users like Alexandre Gollner, Leo Hans, sight-creations.com, and fcpeffects.com (to name a few) just couldn’t wait and took the time to create some really cool plugins and tools that you may find useful.

Here are some of the best ones we scoured around the web for and collected thanks to tons of our viewers and listeners, Creative Cow, Youtube, Vimeo and fcp.co:

And this is not it…there will be more to come. read more....

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