2007 Credit where Credit is Due

DMN By Mike Jones dmnThis is not a 'best of' list or any kind of award, but rather a list of the most influential tools of 2007 I've long held the belief that the broad industry and community of media creators need to be proactive and dynamic in their criticism of creative software and hardware developers. Such developers become complacent and self-serving when their users are not clamouring for 'better' and demanding "more." Every developer strives for the coveted 'brand loyalty' but such loyalty is nothing more than the deliberate crafting of user ignorance to ensure that customers aren't tempted to jump ship to a competing product when the product developers drop the ball. Brand Loyalty is nothing but a corporate directed insurance policy design to keep users singing the product's praises even when the product is ill deserving of praise. Brand Loyalty does the industry no good; it does the tools we use no good. Brand Loyalty begets Blithe Acceptance and that hamstrings innovation and creative possibility. So it’s from this perspective that I take a very serious approach to reviewing creative tools and make no bones about being highly critical of almost all the major developers. Now, with that said, one must also take the 'Credit where Credit is Due' approach to ensure that when developers do good, they continue to do good. read more...

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