2016 Trend Predictions for Video Production from MediaBoss

The pros at MediaBoss have put together 5 strong trends in video production for 2016. We agree, video content consumption is exploding, in particular the demand for live streaming capability. This trend is big with our customers and we're glad to be leaders in supplying the technology to make live streaming events accessible and professional. We're also seeing the merging of post production and live production workflows and content. Stream a multi-camera 30 to 60 minute live event/ webinar while also recording the finished stream and as many of the camera feeds as possible Then bring it into your favorite NLE and cut it down to under 15 minutes for posting and sharing on YouTube or Vimeo. With a multi-camera shoot and proper planning you can turn this around very quickly giving you more production value and bang for your content creation budget. We have several YouTubers who use this workflow to more quickly turn around their shows, without ever actually streaming them live.


from MediaBoss blog by Erin Hayes 2016 trends video productionWe predict that 2016 is the year of the Targeted Video, or more specifically Targeted Video Series.... #2. The Video Series - No More Solo Videos The early 10’s we saw marketers plan their videos as big, one-off launches, with all the energy built around a single product that 'did it all'. As Content Marketing has gained momentum we’ve seen more businesses plan suites of video, and we predict 2016 will be the year that even skeptical businesses will actively include video in their strategy. There are many upsides to planning a series of video rather than a one-off. The obvious benefit is a cohesive, targeted and sustained video strategy. The not-so-obvious upside is the cost. Creating a series of videos out of a well-planned single shoot can mean a budget savings. #5. Live Streaming/Live Event Production And speaking of Corporate Studio, live streaming platforms will grow again in 2016. Innovations like Periscope have altered the game by incorporating an easy to use and share ad-hoc platform with a built-in audience. Go big and create a 'TedTalk-style' world-wide livestream or go local with Periscope. The point is to share...[continue to the full article]
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