2017 Brought VR Cameras to Everyone - In 2018 They Might Even Use Them | VentureBeat

VR and 360 video is not just a passing trend for content creators. This article touches on the fledgling consumer market and the bright future for innovating content that will make it easier for the general population to get involved. Read on for details: From VentureBeat.com

vuze 360 camera....Consumer behavior has changed in recent years, shifting from still photographs to videos thanks to services like SnapChat, YouTube, and live streaming video. We firmly believe that the next evolution — the apparent evolution — is immersive videos created in VR. As an industry, we’re shaping consumer habits to empower anyone to relive moments as close to real life as possible. And we’re on track to do just that, as long as we focus on removing barriers to consumer adoption in the year ahead...[continue reading]

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