25% Off NewBlue FX VFX Software

All NewBlue FX products are 25% off through 12/31/17!

(except Titler Pro 6, Titler Pro 6 Elite, Titler Pro 6 Ultimate, and Titler Live 3 Broadcast)
NewBlueFX Stylizers Transform your footage with energetic motion, vibrant light and stunning art. starting at $74.25 exp.12/31/17 NewBlue FX On Air Graphics Delivers a range of on air graphics options for every live streaming professional. starting at $336.75 exp.12/31/17 NewBlue FX Filters Color correcting plugins, film looks and more. starting at $74.25 exp.12/31/17
NewBlue FX Essentials 275 presets in 24 effects in a go-to toolkit for everyday post-production needs, such as color correction or stabilization. starting at $74.25 exp.12/31/17 NewBlue FX Elements A rich suite of compositing techniques (like color keying, split screen and PIP) with over 250 presets in 21 effects. starting at $74.25 exp.12/31/17 NewBlue TotalFX 1400 presets in 129 plugins in NewBlueFX's most comprehensive collection of titling, transitions and video effects. $1,124.25 exp.12/31/17


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