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Adam Noyes (Video production Specialist at Videoguys) goes over a basic 3 camera setup for broadcasting baseball games!

A Three Camera Multi-Cam Set Up Will Help You:

  • Achieve a more professional look
  • Maintain audience interest by switching throughout production
  • Help your audience focus on points of interest
  • Have a backup camera available when necessary
  • Access more options to reintroduce and repackage production in post
3 Camera Streaming Baseball Setup Diagram
Baseball Field Diagram

Camera 1 is behind the catcher to get a wide of the entire game field. The objective here is to get as many details on screen as possible.

Camera 2 is behind first base focusing on the opposite side of the field.

Camera 3 is behind third base focusing on the opposite side of the field.

Both Camera 2 & 3 can be used for more detailed shots, focusing on specifics during the game.

The Bonus Camera can be stationed behind center field to get another wide.

You can watch the full webinar here!

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