3 Great Reasons To Upgrade to the Adobe Production Studio

The new Production Studios include two very exciting new innovations that make your workflow more productive. dynamic link 1) The Adobe Bridge media management tool introduced last year in the Creative Suite 2 has been integrated into the Production Studio. Now you can easily organize, find and manage all your media regardless of format. Now your video, audio, images, and graphics files are accessible from the Adobe Bridge, as well as additional content available via the web. Very Cool! 2) The other new technology is called Adobe Dynamic Link. Now you can be working on a graphic, background or special effects sequence in After Effects 7 and have it update automatically in the Premiere Pro 2 timeline. This will save you loads of time, as well as make it easier for Premiere users to start trying and experimenting with After Effects 7 in their productions. 3) We’re still offering an added bonus when you order your full version or upgrade to the Production Studio from us. You can get the Contour Shuttle Xpress, PixelPops PopDrops Vol 1 or both for FREE depending on what version you order. Click here to learn mo re about the Adobe Production Studio or to order.

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