3 Months Free of Pixellot Subscription when you purchase Pixellot AIR Camera

Buy the Pixellot AIR camera this February and get the Pixellot You Subscription FREE for 3 months!

Pixellot Air Portable Camera with Sports Video Service


Capture every sports highlight effortlessly with Pixellot Air! This portable camera, equipped with AI-automated tracking, is lightweight, weather-resistant, and perfect for all major sports. Set it up on a tripod, use the Pixellot Control app, and let it seamlessly follow the action. With extended battery life and ample storage, you can record a full day of games and easily edit and share them on the Pixellot You platform. The Pixellot Air is your complete AI-automated sports camera solution from the pioneers of AI sports tech, Pixellot.


Once you purchase your Pixellot AIR, follow these easy instructions on how to redeem your three months of Pixellot You Subscription Service

  1. Choose Your Sport
    Pixellot Air seamlessly tracks Basketball, Soccer, Ice Hockey, Volleyball, American Football, Lacrosse & Field Hockey.
    You've already got your hardware, so you are just one subscription away from using your Pixellot Air camera!
  3. Choose The Monthly Team Subscription
    Your three months free only applies to a monthly subscription, so ensure you've selected Monthly to apply the promo code.
  4. Enter The "PIXAIR3MFREE" Promo Code At Checkout
    Be sure to enter your promo code when prompted at Checkout to redeem your three months free!
  5. Start Using Your Pixellot Air
    You are all set with three months on us! You will be charged the standard monthly rate beginning the fourth month of subscription use.

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Pixellot AIR Tripods

The Impact Air-Cushioned Heavy-Duty Light Stand can rise to a height of 13' and can fully support the Pixellot AIR. It has a wide footprint of 52" for greater stability and is perfect for indoor use.

The Manfrotto 269BU Black Super Stand can rise to a height of 14.9 feet and can fully support the Pixellot Air. Additionally, leveling legs feature allows it to adjust for safe use on uneven, outdoor, terrain.

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