3 Tips for Live Video Steaming for Retailers

According to this article only 14% of marketers are live video marketing... even though video marketing is a hot topic! Get in the game with these tips, and when you're ready for gear shop Videoguys.com. We've got experts who can help you get the equipment you need to live stream 800-323-2325. You can also peruse our blog for more live streaming tips. From Skyword/ConstantStandard 1. What Do You Want to Measure Live streaming might grab large audiences, but it can’t yet be used to completely track a customer’s journey through the funnel from beginning to end. With static online advertising, marketers have granular details about who’s looking at the website, where the traffic is coming from, if it’s a repeat visitor, and all the regular analytics that make digital marketing fun. But with live video, it can be difficult to know and track all of these things, especially if it’s traffic that’s not going directly to your website....[continue reading]

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