3 Ways COVID-19 will Change the Media and Entertainment Industry

Covid-19 has undeniably changed the landscape of Media and Entertainment, but what will the lasting effect be? Likely, many elements have changed in a way that will not reverse when the world moves on from Covid.

Avid has released a great article covering their predictions for how the Media and Entertainment Industry will change due to Covid-19.

Avid's 3 Predictions for the Media and Entertainment Industry in the Post Covid World

  • An acceleration of existing trends toward subscription models for production technology
  • A changing mindset toward distributed workflows and cloud applications
  • A growth in niche content from OTT providers



Growth in Subscription Models for Production Technology

The world was already starting to transition to cloud based subscription services, but Covid has sped this process along significantly.  With more and more people working from home, or completely distanced, cloud work spaces are more necessary now than ever before.  This means more subscription models, which can be built to the new needs of production houses.

Rise in Remote Distributed Workflows

Not only is it likely that the occurrence of subscription models will change, but also that the need for remote workflows will be all the more necessary.  Share storage spaces, and remote team management will become a must.  

Increasingly Niche OTT Options

The demand for content is also higher now than ever before.  This includes niche on demand content, which before often struggled to find an audience.  This is expected to have a lasting effect on the industry as a whole.

Check out the full article from Avid to learn more, HERE.

Learn more about Avid HERE.

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