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Stream live from your desktop to the world

An amazing all-in-one live streaming software
Put yourself in the director's chair.

  1. Plug in your cameras.
    Benefit from an unlimited number of input devices including live camera feeds, audio, video, graphics and more.
  2. Prepare your shots.
    Add polish and professionalism to your broadcast using the powerful live production capabilites.
  3. Stream live.
    Use the built in multiformat encoding capabilities and easily stream to integrated streaming services and CDNs.

Live broadcasting over the Internet—or webcasting—is one of the most effective ways to deliver attention-grabbing communications to audiences worldwide. Whether for marketing, customer service, corporate announcements, professional development and training, or live entertainment, the Mac (or PC) offers innovative tools that convey your company’s message through compelling video.

Video broadcasting solutions on the Mac (or PC) are cost-effective and easy to use and can provide a valuable return on investment. Developing high-quality video enables your business to share live experiences in real time or on demand with the viewers you most want to reach. It is now simple to communicate essential information internally or to help your company reach a large global community.

Create professional webcasts from any location
Telestream’s Wirecast is a live video production tool that enables you to easily broadcast webcasts. The only equipment needed is a Mac (or PC) system with a built-in or external camera and the Wirecast application. And with Wirecast priced under US$500, your organization can maintain a professional-quality video production studio at a fraction of the cost associated with traditional broadcast hardware.

With Wirecast’s intuitive user interface and fully integrated streaming capabilities, it’s quick and easy to deliver a simple broadcast. For more advanced productions, built-in editing tools allow you to add media, integrate live-motion effects, or incorporate seamless transitions for a polished webcast. Use Wirecast on a MacBook Pro (or PC Laptop) to give your organization a lightweight, portable broadcasting studio that can be set up anywhere to capture live events on location.

Develop live or on-demand broadcasts in-house.
Wirecast is more efficient, takes up less space, and provides more versatility than traditional, fixed TV studio equipment. By empowering existing staff to create video on the Mac, you eliminate the need to hire video professionals to harness such an effective communication tool for reaching customers, employees, and business partners.

Anyone on your team can capture live video and audio, mix in media such as slides, or add text or graphics to create compelling webcasts using Wirecast. The solution can also be used to conduct multicamera, multisource webcasts such as press events. Streaming to the web is as simple as clicking Broadcast. And with the ability to record to disk and stream live footage at the same time, you can offer video in real time or on demand without duplicate effort.

Add effects in real time using built-in tools.
When launched, Wirecast automatically detects the iSight camera built into your Mac, cameras connected to the system, and sources such as QuickTime movies. You can preview and share a simple broadcast quickly using preset options. It’s also straightforward to add special effects that once required a full broadcast facility—now easily accessible in Wirecast. The intuitive user interface makes using effects such as camera and media source switches, cross-fades and 3D, titles and text overlays, and full-motion chroma key backgrounds as easy as a few mouse clicks.

Wirecast lets you group cameras, graphics, movies, and titles into a single package or “shot.” If prepared before a show, shots enable seamless transitions during the live broadcast. Support for multiple broadcasts allows you to create video for any number of destinations, from 3G cell phones to DVD-quality movies. The Desktop Presenter application broadcasts the desktop of a secondary Mac (or PC) during your webcast, ideal for including slide presentations and software demonstrations.

Stream your video with flexible options.
Wirecast offers built-in integration with public streaming services, such as Modulus and Ustream, providing a quick way to deliver a simple broadcast to moderately sized audiences. With industry-standard streaming options for QuickTime and other popular formats, you can transmit a unicast or multicast right from Wirecast software.*

For serving a larger number of viewers, Wirecast can also broadcast to Darwin Streaming Server, Flash Media Streaming Server, or QuickTime Streaming Server. Wirecast can stream QuickTime and Flash and record your broadcast to disk simultaneously for later viewing on demand.

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