360 VR Video Continues without Ozo

In one of our recent Webinars we introduced the Samsung 360 Round. The 360 Round is a high-quality 360° professional camera for creating and live streaming 4K 3D content to deliver an exceptional virtual reality experience. It's durable, compact design features IP65 water and dust resistance for use in everyday weather conditions. With PC software included for controlling and stitching, and expandable connectors and ports for easily connecting additional equipment, the 360 Round provides long lasting shooting for any sized job. In this article from Al.Caudullo, you can see how the 360 VR camera market is still booming. samsung
It’s literally been raining 360 cameras for many months now with new cameras See Me 2 come out on almost every week. The Nokia OZO was a good 360 camera, but it’s been eclipsed by so many others for so much less that it just couldn’t keep up with the simple economics of supply and no demand. Rumors have it that there were less than 500 units sold worldwide.
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