360Heros Showcase VR Technology at Sundance 2016

360Heros press release 360Heros Sundance 2016Park City, Utah - 360Heros made its third appearance at the Sundance Film Festival to share 360 video technology with filmmakers, producers and festival goers interested in virtual reality. Virtual reality was a key point of emphasis this year in Park City with exhibits, demo lounges and panels dedicated to showcasing the latest VR demos and technology.

VR Events

VR party on Sunday, January 24th were examples of this with 360Heros joining other industry partners in sponsoring the events and sharing VR tech. VR Fest and UploadVR in Park City featured top tech VR content creators such as JauntVR, G-Technology, YouVisit, VR Playhouse and VideoStitch. Attendees enjoyed Samsung GearVR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift demos as well as checking out the latest in VR 360 video content capture hardware.

Connecting with VR filmmakers

For 360Heros, Sundance has been an opportunity to connect with immersive filmmakers and to learn how they're using VR to tell engaging stories. Alyson Bruno is one such filmmaker and a friend we had a chance to catch up with at this year's festival to talk 360 video: As with Alyson, the majority of our conversations at Sundance this year alluded to the growth of VR filmmaking. In the past, VR was viewed as something experimental with only a small niche group of content creators throwing their hats in the ring. At this year's festival virtual reality was a prevalent topic with production studios, independent filmmakers, media agencies and the like all eagerly jumping into VR content creation. Our team was thrilled to see the growing enthusiasm among traditional content creators for virtual reality and to hear their plans to utilize the medium in the near future. We'd like to thank UploadVR and VR Fest for hosting us this past weekend and the Sundance Institute for another amazing festival! Did you attend Sundance this year and check out any VR content? Let us know what you thought in the comments!

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