360Heros Talks VR at NAB

At the 2016 NAB Show in April virtual reality was one of the most popular themes and discussion topics among the professional media community. With numerous panels and presentations focused on VR technology, we wanted to share two key talks that offer valuable information for anyone interested in creating VR content. 360Heros CEO, Michael Kintner had the opportunity to be front and center at the 2016 NAB Show LIVE: The Nuts & Bolts of VR Production. The host of the panel session, Brian Seth Hurst opened the discussion by saying how virtual reality is the fastest moving industry he’s ever been a part of.

The conversation touched on several topics extending from the rapid growing interest in virtual reality to VR workflow, issues with existing cameras for 360 capture and the prospect of cinematic VR. Michael was joined on the stage by Nicola Berti of Video-Stitch, Thomas Wallner of Deep Inc. and Andrew McDonald of Cream Productions. The host pointed out how no standard for 360 capture workflow currently exists presenting an issue for individuals interested in getting into virtual reality. However, he did go on to mention there are a few companies offering solutions, 360Heros being one of them. Through our hardware, software, national VR workshop tour and our upcoming series of online tutorials, we've been striving to offer content creators viable spherical workflows. Some of our products featured on the panel were our 360 video hosting service and 360CamMan VR media management software. Other highlights included discussing our new line of modular 360 video rigs, discussing current solutions for stitching spherical video and solving challenges common in VR filmmaking.


In addition to participating in a live panel, our founder and CEO had the pleasure of being interviewed by BeTerrific’s Andrea Fasano while at NAB. The interview touched on other topics like what really goes on our infamous 360Heros RV and the beginnings of our company. The interview further revealed why we have moved from using 3D printed rigs to the new modular rigs.

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