3D Stereoscopic editing in PremierePro CS5 with Cineform NeoHD

Join Dave Helmly as he walks you through a complete workflow for 3D Stereoscopic editing in PremierePro CS5 using Cineform NeoHD. In this 60 minute tour , Dave will cover various rigs, 3D viewing options, Realtime editing, and export

Designed for professional 3D post production, Neo3D adds the following additional features:

o Separate Left eye and Right eye 3D controls. (Previously Right eye or Both).

o Keyframeable convergence dissolves for creative effect or to match convergence at cut boundaries.

o Independent eye color controls, especially valuable to match color between eyes when using beam-splitter rigs or non-calibrated cameras. Includes Left/Right split-screen mode to better match color adjustments

o Independent eye or stereo eye white balance adjustment.

o Independent eye frame flip to adjust for shooting with a beam splitter rig.

o Floating windows to manage edge violations.

o Keystoning adjustment to correct for improper camera toe-in/out

o Ghost Busting to correct for high-contrast ghosting on some passive displays

o Image warping to correct for lens distortion (coming later)

o Depth tilt adjusts relative depth of one or more objects in scene to one another

o Dual-link HD-SDI stereo output using Kona3 to drive RealD, Dolby, or XpanD theater projection systems directly from the CS5 or Final Cut Pro timelines.

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