Marshall POV Mini Cameras Capture Call-Deciding Shots at Super Bowl 50

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Marshall POV Mini Cameras Capture the Action in HD with New Pylon Cam System at Super Bowl 50

marshall cameralOne of the greatest innovations at Super Bowl 50 is the new Pylon Cam system, famous for capturing unique call-deciding shots. CBS Sports and the NFL have selected Admiral Video, LLC to supply 16 of their "Pylon Cam" systems for Super Bowl 50.
"This will be the first ever deployment of pylon cameras at a Super Bowl and will offer historically unavailable views of action near the end zones".
View the article on According to Ken Aagaard, EVP, engineering, operations and production services at CBS Sports, "the small Marshall Electronics HD cameras that are part of the padded pylon assembly produce "amazing" high-def video and "cuts in well" with the other HD cameras used for game production". View the article on In addition to capturing incredible HD POV shots at this Sunday's Super Bowl 50, Marshall Electronics' HD POV Mini Cameras have seen installs in other major sporting events, house of worship, hospitality, professional teleconferencing and event venues.

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